Your express has been signed by the express counter to express home why so difficult?

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As the Spring Festival approaches, shopping online for Spring Festival goods has become a major event for many people to prepare for the New Year, and the number of express packages has also increased. The long-maligned phenomenon of “express delivery can not reach home” has become more serious, bringing inconvenience to consumers to collect express delivery, and thus causing consumer disputes.Why is it so hard to deliver packages to your home as promised?Reporters from China Consumer News conducted an in-depth investigation.”Several times, the Courier put the package in the delivery cabinet without informing me.It often occurred to me to check the delivery information on the shopping platform and find that the parcel was already in the delivery cabinet.Good for shopping, I have downloaded the abundant express nest door ark small programs, to facilitate informed, thought in this way can be sure that the results once after receiving the announcement that abundant express nest ark, express chest but how also can not find in the door, check the shopping platform of logistics information, found that is YunDa Courier company delivery,I asked the Courier in charge of delivery to find out that he had delivered the package to a locker two stops from my house.I asked him to take the package out and deliver it to my house, but he said he would wait until the next day to change the delivery and could only deliver it to the delivery box, because my house was too far from the gate of the community.”Liu Jing, a consumer who lives in xiangshan Road no. 2 courtyard in Beijing, told China Consumer News.Zhang Ran, a consumer who lives in Tianzhu Spring and Autumn residential area, Jinding Street, Shijingshan, Beijing, also encountered a thorny problem when receiving express delivery. “My friend sent me five boxes of goods through Deppon Express, and the Courier directly put the goods at the gate of the residential area.When I asked him to deliver it to my door, he told me, ‘Although the delivery address is your house, we only deliver it to the door of the community unless we can drive it to your door.’Five big boxes. There’s no way I can move them.The Courier saw what I could do, lent me a cart, and then stood by and watched me do it myself.Reporter investigation found that even if it is to put the package to the express cabinet, express rack, part of the express company in the inquiry, informed aspects also do not satisfactory.Zhang ran said, “All the information that the package was put into the delivery box was sent by the small wechat app of the delivery box. I didn’t receive any inquiries from the delivery company or any information about the delivery.And the way that each company notifies the user is also not the same, I have received shentong, extremely rabbit SMS notice and Striking customer service telephone notice, once, best send the express to express rack did not inform me, or neighbors saw to help me get back.”Zhang Ran said, melodramatic request Courier delivery to the door is not the consumer, but the way this “without him,” it will make some wrapped in express ark or express the rack “lying dead”, return time and delayed seven days without reason, if it is fresh food also can lead to rot, and once the Courier ark free pick-up time, consumers also need to pay the extra fee.According to the Interim Regulations on Express delivery issued in 2018, enterprises engaged in express delivery business should deliver express packages to the agreed address, recipient or designated consignee, and inform the recipient or consignee for acceptance in person.Since the relevant regulations are very clear, why are there still packages not delivered to the home?Low delivery fee “unwilling to send” for the parcels can not be delivered to the problem, Courier also have “groove” to vomit.A Courier at Beijing YTO Told China Consumer News: “A skilled Courier can deliver more than 200 orders a day, and the delivery fee for each order ranges from 0.7 yuan to 0.9 yuan.The delivery cost is less, only put into the express cabinet is the best choice.If the delivery is delivered to your door, you can’t finish the daily delivery orders and the income of the couriers will be reduced by nearly half.”Statistics from the State Post Bureau (SPB) show that the price of a single express ticket in the industry has dropped from 20.65 yuan in 2011 to 9.8 yuan in the first half of 2021, down by more than half in 10 years.It is reported that in March 2021 in Zhejiang Yiwu express market also appeared a price of 0.8 yuan per order to send nationwide.Vicious price competition makes the Courier delivery cost is constantly reduced, and lead to express services are affected.Reporters have learned that regulators halted the price war in April after vicious price competition emerged in March 2021.”A moderate price drop is inevitable in the development of the express delivery industry,” Yang Haoxiong, a professor at the School of Logistics at Beijing Technology and Business University, told China Consumer News.More than a decade ago, delivery services were scarce, so they would remain at a very high price level.With the rapid development of e-commerce, the demand for express delivery is increasing, and the price is bound to drop.The express industry is an industry with a higher degree of marketization. Which enterprise will be more popular is ultimately decided by consumers voting with their feet. Vicious price competition cannot continue for sure, and express companies should determine a more appropriate price in constant groping.If the price is too high for consumers to accept, if the price is too low, the Courier does not work, the service can not keep up.”It will take time for express delivery companies to find a price balance acceptable to all parties.”People a few big “fixed” Beijing shentong a Courier told reporters: “we express points than the number of employees, there are too many parcel number, especially like Spring Festival promotion node, a doubling of packages, the Courier is so few, if delivered to door not to send to come over, put the parcel Courier ark, express delivery can improve the efficiency of distribution.”The shortage of personnel has become a major problem for the development of the express industry, especially the punctual delivery of the Express during the Spring Festival.Liu Li, a Courier researcher at Honghan Investment, told China Consumer News: “The user contract is already formed when users fill in their specific address when shopping on e-commerce platforms.It is a basic requirement of express service for the Courier to deliver the delivery to the designated place in accordance with the agreement.But because of the development of the industry itself, the delivery to the household has become difficult.”From 2011 to 2021, the volume of express delivery increased by 26.2 times, while the number of couriers increased by less than five times. As a result, it has been difficult to balance the volume of express delivery, the number of personnel, and the cost. The ‘last mile’ delivery problem has been an industry problem for a long time.””Setting up delivery boxes and Courier stations is an effective way to improve efficiency,” Said Yang.”There are certainly economic reasons why couriers don’t choose home delivery, but from a logistics system point of view, it’s actually a matter of efficiency.””The time cost of delivery is lower and more efficient than door-to-door delivery, regardless of efficiency or benefit. The express container and express site also provide convenience for consumers who cannot sign for it in person.But this does not mean that couriers can equate terminal services with home delivery by default.For example, some companies have begun to use intelligent robots instead of couriers to ask users’ packages will arrive, whether you have time to receive them ‘and other questions. If users say they are not at home, they will be informed by phone or SMS of the delivery location and password after the package is put into the delivery cabinet.This will largely reduce the workload of couriers, reduce consumption disputes caused by too few people being unable to move, and improve customer satisfaction, “Liu said.