Yuanxiao Weinan Orthopaedic Hospital held the theme of guessing lantern riddles cultural activities

2022-05-23 0 By

(reporter: PLC) on February 15, the Lantern Festival, hand in hand to build units linwei weinan orthopaedic hospital comprehensive service center for the disabled, people xuanhua street community to carry out the “our holiday – 2 yuanxiao Guessing lantern riddles “theme cultural activities, and further build strong festival atmosphere, let the victim, the feelings of the traditional culture of the new and fun.At noon that day, weinan orthopaedic hospital front door full of red lanterns and riddles, event, very lively, some people looked up and stared at the riddle, some with family and friends to discuss the answer, there are a lot of enthusiasm to participate in the visiting family members, everyone or flip CARDS brooding, clap your hands or celebrate her guess lantern riddles.Small lantern riddle area, people shuttle back and forth, bustling.Many people who had solved the riddle queued up to receive the gift, feeling happy.Riddles are of a wide variety, covering cultural knowledge, idioms, puzzles and other aspects of a total of 120, both entertaining and informative.This activity not only enriched the cultural life of the staff and the masses, but also enhanced the cultural atmosphere of harmony, co-construction and sharing between units. At the same time, it also conveyed the humanistic care of the hospital to the masses of the area, and built a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.Editor: Fan Jing First instance: Jiang Bo Final instance: Chen Wei Li Zengping