At the opening of the court, Lawyer Wang “painted” the female judge

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State and federal courts generally do not allow cameras in courtrooms.However, because the public has the right to know the progress of public events, in order to meet the needs of this kind of news dissemination, the media often send some professional “court painters” to record the representative scenes in the trial through sketches, so that the media can choose one or two pieces for news reporting.Such paintings are often called “courtroom sketches”.Today, I would like to introduce to you an interesting and talented lawyer friend “Mr. Wang”. He once worked as a “court speed painter” during the court session, and made a sketch for the female judge, which was posted on wechat moments.Start with “Wang Daren” paintings – he recalls – “this is a loan contract dispute in xi ‘an district court trial, the judge was busy problem and records, we are prepared to relatively sufficient, question intermittently, see young judge’s busy and professional, as a legal person is feeling, draw a few pen!”Faced with praise, he said, “Not much painting, but some ancient poems.”In “Wang’s” circle of friends, he did find a lot of poetry, he picked a few lines – ploughing lost cattle plow, chores waste quiet.The ink is still in the book, inch steward has rested.The form to litigation, wanyue shou changliu.The annual ring does not stop turning, the poem back to several autumn?Qinling east looking, Yishui west busy.The scenery is different, slightly the same as the fall war.Send tianshan snow, yili Yang xu Zhi.Solitary cloud line thousands of miles, but the road is ordinary.One hundred li wang Feng first, wu Ling complex eyes.Slice sail why too hurry, quit home for a long time.Micro Yang luo Shui, far color hidden floating mountain.Car mirror dare not shine, afraid of startled children yan.Finally, this lawyer Wang, who combines the rationality of law man with the frankness of poet, is solemnly unveiled.The following is his self-statement — Mr. Wang, born in Weinan, Shaanxi province in 1982, is a lawyer, architect, human resource manager, specially invited mediator of Xincheng District People’s Court, a member of legal advisory group of Shaanxi Overseas Chinese Federation, and a member of Shaohai legal service team. He is now practicing in Shaanxi Jinlu Law Firm.Adults like wine, love poetry classical, both the rational law and the poet’s fortitude.The road ahead is long, the law is crooked, only willing to poetically walk with fellow human beings, so people.A beautiful skin is all the same, an interesting soul is one in a million.”Mr. Wang” should be regarded as one of the lawyers in Xi ‘an.Thanks for meeting you!