Dressed up Episode 11: Xiang Ting Feng Xiao Hongxue fights over George’s death Li Na receives multiple money transfer messages

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Lu Binbin and Qin Min eat hot pot together, he is eating hot pot while lamenting that his work is not easy, he pulled to the advertising business is not one person alone, get the money after the company has a share.Qin Min knew Lu Binbin very well, and knew that Lu Binbin was sticking gold on his face, so he was too lazy to go along with it, but buried himself in dinner. Lu Binbin had wanted to listen to Qin Min kua a few words to him, but qin Min did not understand the customs, so that he was displeased and accused Qin Min was too boring.Xiao Hongxue returned to the residence, mentioned George’s death to the peak, she is the company to replace George’s position, so she must figure out whether George’s death and the peak has a relationship.Xiang Ting peak scold Xiao Gongxue fantasy, he thinks Chen Kaiyi behind the gossip, let him and Xiao Gongxue mutual suspicion, finally is Chen Kaiyi naturally.Xiang Ting peak to see gu old, two people talked to yankai home company.Yan Father very valued daughter Yan Yue, the company to Yan Yue management, Yan Yue is investigating gu Lao.Term peak believe oneself and gu old cooperation must be smooth, two people clink glasses drink.Zi Qi grandly to dress up company, want to see YanKai work environment.Yankai went to the parking lot after work, ziqi all the way to follow, she announced that she thought clearly, decided to buy the company.Yankai think zi qi because too rich, that money is omnipotent, can do anything.Zi Qi saw behind a car driving, hurriedly stretched out his hand yanKai pushed to the opposite side of the road.The car from the middle of two people drive past, YanKai frightened, shouted to child qi.Zi Qi went to Yankai side, announced that he saved Yankai’s life.Early in the morning, Xiao Hongxue wash comb, xiang Ting peak take the initiative to apologize, for before and Xiao Hongxue for George’s death dispute.Li Na went to work, met Yankai in the elevator.Lin Yanan just bought two cups of coffee, in front of Li Na to Yankai.Yankai excuse oneself do not like to drink coffee, refused Lin Yanan’s kindness, Lin Yanan can not step down, in a fit of anger from Yankai side walked past, threw two cups of coffee into the trash can.After coming off work, Lin Yanan sits on the stairs, taking an instant noodles secretly knead broken, vent the oppressed heart.CAI Fei was about to go on a business trip to Shanghai. Li Na called CAI Fei in the company. She learned that CAI Fei was going on a business trip and told her to video him every day.Yan Kai read Li Na wrote the manuscript, li Na called in front, asked Li Na to write again, he thought Li Na wrote the manuscript is too bad.When Li Na returned to her seat with the manuscript, the voice of receiving short messages suddenly sounded on her cell phone. She picked up her cell phone to check the short messages, and several transfer messages flashed into her eyes, which made her very excited.Zhao Xin suddenly made an inspection and passed by Li Na. He patted Li Na who was holding her cell phone and smiling. Li Na was scared to put down her cell phone and pretended to work as if she were doing something, but she was thinking about the transfer.Lu called two of his subordinates into his office. He had recently heard about a public account platform called “Fashion second-hand Circle”. A businessman wanted to cooperate with him and invested 500,000 yuan in advertising, but finally the businessman cooperated with fashion second-hand circle.