Old people have gone, and then deep love can only be hurt

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Wenxian | surprised heavenly sword: hello, may we between text and gazed at the gaze of, each other warm.Some things are predestined, such as fate;Some things are unavoidable, like love;Some wishes cannot be lost, such as happiness;Some things are non-negotiable, like time.In fact, white horse’s life experience and life comprehension, and you are really too like too like.So, white horse just read your that “can let me not sad”, peep your inner world.Just, although white horse has you that kind of home to death but the courage after birth, do not have you however “4 2 pull a thousand catties” sharp;Although also have a unique shuffling skills, but not the kind of resurrection of the lucky;Although the same boast “force pull mountain Xi gas cover the world” network hero, but not you “change tangible for intangible” cover the world miracle.Therefore, the future of the white horse fate than you more perverse, more ill-fated, more arbitrary;Therefore, the white horse is doomed to be unable to “perfect”, without “antibody”.This is a turbulent rivers and lakes, this is a hero numerous beauty of the era.But, however, this is also a career easy to die, love easy impotence world.Wang Chongyang is proficient in eight diagrams, but he does not calculate the future of him and Lin Chaoying, his martial arts peerless, the result makes, it is peerless affection everlasting hate;Zhang Wuji heaven and earth move through all the world, but can not move zhou Zhi if nine Yin bone claw;Linghu Chong lonely nine sword invincible, but can not stop Yue Lingshan’s tears, the results even ren Yingying’s flute healing;Xiao Feng heroic sky, dragon 18 palm no one can enemy, but the enemy but the death of the purple girl.His life is only Arju, arju is gone, his heart is only a tomb;Old people have gone, and then deep love can only be hurt.Old people have gone, and then deep love can only be hurt;The dead are gone, and there is only a tomb in your heart.Where there is grass and there is a moon and there is a mountain and there is a raven and there is a raven and there is a tomb and there is your love.For a long time, you’ve been paying attention to these clips, these Internet terms, and you’re so good at it, you’re so light.In your river’s lake, white horse also see a bigger river’s lake, you can drink big bowl, you can laugh loudly, you can fight to the death, you can journey alone, you can fight with your back.Compared with white horse, you are very happy;White Horse is happier than most people.We really can lower the standard of happiness, let money really become something else, let love really become the heart, happiness will rise like the sun every day, and for us, as long as we open our eyes can see the sun, is the greatest happiness.Note: this article for the net friend “perfect antibody” “love and not love, the past are like smoke” after reading.