The billionaire’s Bugatti reached 417km/h as cars were easily passed by him

2022-05-24 0 By

Billionaire Redim Paz is being investigated by German police for speeding his Bugatti Chiron down the autobahn between Berlin and Hanover at a speed of 417 km/h.The Bugatti Chiron is said to be a luxury supercar with a four-turbocharged engine capable of reaching 420 km/h and will cost around $2.6 million (16.5 million yuan).The car can accelerate to 100km in just 2.5 seconds, but its speed limit is unknown.The video shows the man easily overtaking another car at high speed.It is well known that there are no speed limits on German motorways, but that does not mean drivers can do whatever they want, as the super-high speeds already affect the safety of other cars.German police have now handed over their findings to prosecutors, who will conduct a further assessment of Paz’s actions.In Our country, the maximum speed limit is 120 km/h, and many sections have speed photos, which has a very good effect on ensuring our safety.The speed is too high, leaving us with limited reaction time when encountering danger, and accidents are easy to happen.But it is also true that there are more cars on our highways, and Brady would not be able to run at this speed on our roads.On the other hand, if you can reach Shanghai at a speed of 400 km/h, you estimate the journey will take only 3 hours, faster than the bullet train.If you want to know more, follow Nangong Xiao Pang