The idea of “serving rice bowl” is poisonous. Beware of the “concierge” thinking in 29 hot spots

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Recently, a series of dissenting opinions have been raised over his support for huh Bang s grand V.There is a saying that has become popular in the army of the crusaders, and that is the saying of “carrying the rice bowl”.Some of the people who leave are really bad, some people turn to open and secret things, instigation each other to adjust the attack routines, with the help of the controversial topic to collapse the internal, effective, the enemy’s eyesore was pulled out one by one of our own people, verbal criticism is very lively, triggered a collective carnival across the bank.As a result, the truth is beginning to change.Those who do not want to get involved in family affairs choose to pay attention silently and wait for the final result. This kind of truth fans who only care about the truth have a growing trend and are gradually separated from the “xu fans”.In fact, most truth supporters are rational, calm and independent, and they do not want to be labeled as “fans”. “Truth fans” is a convenient way to distinguish them.The xu fan of high loyalty is more consistent caliber, the sense of boundary has also been greatly promoted, in order to unite not only oneself do not interfere in the party’s family affairs, but also automatically maintain network order, who disturb family members, who to yellow car, have doubts about the flow of profit, we all go into battle together, roll up sleeves and take the blame.Because of the sequelae caused by autumn water, as long as someone has different voices, someone will immediately have “water” doubt, the chain reaction is “pinkeying” label, “eat scold niang” label, “at the beginning of the motivation is not pure” and so on to punish people punish heart label, tianniu scatter flowers like flying out of the cuff.Such artificial unity situation, caused by the hidden dangers are not care-filled, can only let have different opinions of the truth powder shut up, calm and rational truth powder more away from, on the sidelines.At one point, I wondered if red band scouts were keeping order with magnifying glasses and electroencephalography.Today we talk about one of the toxic labels, “Call me names, I’m not grateful.”With the gradual rise of “gratitude”, the two-way relationship between supporters and parties in hot events has been broken into a one-way relationship between idols and fans.This has always been the antipathy “fan” phenomenon of truth fans very upset, but also very vigilant, so silent choice stand aside, began to “wait for the result”.Take a look at the trending posts of the moment. Whenever someone says “just wait” they get a thumbs up.In fact, the detectives are well-meaning.They believe that the anchors benefit from 29, but eat the flow of the parties, but speak ill of the parties, destroy the unity of the parties’ families.Therefore, we should remind the education of those who speak wrong words and do not listen to others. These truths are highly summarized and an old saying is widely recognized: “Eat others’ food, listen to others’ advice.”The saying “eat others’ food, listen to others’ advice” is full of “door” flavor, which shows the profound influence of China’s long cultural tradition.But this is toxic.This mentality, has become one of the weapons of our attack qiushui, sarcastic these from the heart for xu to maintain the order of the network of net friends as “home slave”, home slave ugly, this is actually another unfriendly interpretation of the concierge consciousness.Why is concierge thinking toxic?Traffic benefits, is the network under the prevalence of new media products.Hot events become public events. As long as works are published online, no matter ordinary netizens, anchors with large traffic, or the parties themselves, they are all beneficiaries of traffic.Traffic, however, can be a double-edged sword. It can be profitable, controversial, and even discredited.The secret lies in the degree of support formed spontaneously by the network and people’s hearts.The reason why hot spots become hot is because the parties agree and take the initiative to put their own experiences on the Internet, so that there is attention.To put it bluntly, the registered users of the network platform are the “rice bowl” source of the parties and the flow of big V. The parties and anchors are boats, and their followers and fans are water!I deliberately separate followers from fans, because support comes naturally from independent-minded supporters, not from idolized fans.Big V and client go both ways.Anchor and litigant are the relation between attention and attention in public events, not between master and client.In a hot event, the degree of public support is spontaneously formed and the kidnapping is not accepted.Once anchors make their voices out of consideration of “food shortage” and “losing fans”, the sequela of deviating from their original aspiration will appear sooner or later.Similarly, if the party concerned is questioned and considers other factors besides the original intention, no matter how it is defended, it will also trigger the public to question and suffer “backlash”.In order to eliminate the “backlash” and form a force, they become “pickets”. They will also be manipulated and used to expand the scope of the attack and create a situation of “one voice” artificially. This is the survivor bias effect.Not because the group is more united, more cohesive, but, different voices, have been eliminated or voluntarily quit.Die-hards also say that staying is purest, that “washing is healthier”.When the remaining supporters of the team are “end people rice bowl” thinking, you think for Xu Ma how much pressure ah!Is this the situation she wants?Is a naturally growing population really “healthy” when it becomes a targeted screening, targeted elimination of “werewolf kill” survivors?Just like a person who lives in a “sterile environment” for a long time, can he still be healthy?Is there immunity?Is this the same group of supporters that formed spontaneously?