When decorating, think to drop wave window, did not think of to be rejected directly by old master!I reached for my cigarette as soon as HE finished

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Bought a small family bridal chamber in the city finally, had the home that belongs to oneself.Bridal chamber is the door model that takes wave window, originally I feel to take wave window quite good, sweet and romantic, but later the friend comes to visit, say his home is like my home, also be to take wave window door model, he let decorate a master to knock off, increase a lot of area at a time.Listen to him say that finish I have a little heart, now the house price is so expensive, is really a piece of land gold, can increase the practical area in the limited area how good ah!So when decorating, I also asked the decoration master to smash the bay window, unexpectedly the master refused directly, and then analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of smashing the bay window for me.There are two kinds of floating Windows now, one is inside the floating window, one is outside the floating window, although are floating Windows, their structure can be completely different.The inner bay window is also called the false bay window, which is built up after the completion of the main frame of the house, and can be knocked off under normal circumstances.External bay window is also called real bay window. It “floats” out of the wall in the sky. It is an integral building structure with the main body of the house.So, wave window must not knock off, after all za cannot increase the risk that lives in the future in order to increase that little area.Outside the bay window is generally reinforced concrete structure, if you knock a bit to find reinforcement, it is necessary to stop.I am glad to have met an experienced master. If I meet a young master, I will knock off the bay window directly. I will definitely regret it later.Finally, it is suggested that when decorating, large-scale changes should not be made to the housing model as far as possible, so as not to cause security risks.The content of this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, thank you!