Wushan county public security bureau destroyed a criminal gang illegally dealing in tobacco products

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently, in-depth study to carry out the entire province WuShan County public security bureau, the provincial public security bureau chief meeting special action to combat the illegal crime of wade smoke spirit summary commendation meeting, according to tianshui municipal public security bureau party committee “casting the soul of strong base, to create” first-class work requirements, timely arrangement deployment, peg for smoke illegal crime clues, take strong measures to overcome the outbreak of unfavorable factors, further expanding line of investigation,And send work special class to carry out investigation and evidence collection work.After successfully obtaining conclusive evidence of a criminal gang illegally dealing in tobacco products, the special police concentrated on closing the net, and arrested four suspects suspected of illegally dealing in tobacco products on January 25 and 28 respectively.At present, three suspects have been detained by the Public Security Bureau of Wushan County, and one suspect has been released on bail pending trial. The case is being further investigated and investigated.Source: Wushan Public Security