How to alleviate the lumbago that movement causes?”Bed rest + Moderate Exercise”

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Enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports, if the occurrence of low back pain and other sports injuries, also need to cope with the strategy.Rehabilitation therapist Chen Zhengwei of Rehabilitation medicine department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital introduced that low back pain caused by sports is one of the common sports injuries and also a kind of acute low back pain, which can be effectively alleviated by bed rest combined with appropriate exercise.Chen Clong Wei introduced, acute lumbago is the lumbar muscles, fascia, ligament and other tissues due to external force action by excessive pull, resulting in acute injury or small waist joint occlusion caused by a group of diseases, the performance of lumbosacral pain with limited flexion and extension activities, changes in the pain symptoms.”A combination of bed rest and moderate exercise results in better outcomes.”‘For decades, bed rest was considered the standard treatment for patients with acute low back pain, but in recent years, a number of studies have confirmed that bed rest doesn’t improve the speed or degree of recovery,’ Dr. Chen said.At the same time, studies have shown that patients with acute low back pain should maintain regular daily activities and exercise intensity within the tolerance range, moderate exercise can help relieve muscle spasms.Produced acute lumbago, how should rest in bed?Resting positions include supine position with a pillow under the knees and head, raising the shoulders, Chen said.Lateral decubitus position with the knee flexion at the top and a pillow placed between the knees;In a prone position, place a cushion under your abdomen and bend your waist moderately.”Posture should be adjusted according to personal comfort.”Chen Zhengwei suggested that hot compress can also be used to relieve acute pain at home, prone position can be taken, the hot compress package heated to 39℃ to 48℃ after placed in the pain site, lasting about 20 minutes;Use a lumbar brace at work or outside to increase lumbar stability.Besides bed rest, Chen Zhengwei introduced, take motion therapy can prevent lumbago for the first time, also can prevent recurrence.It should be noted that sprain within 3 days to “static more movement less”, can do “core tightening” movement;Sprain 3 days to 1 week and later gradually increase the proportion of sports, can do “prone stretch” and other sports.If the symptoms of low back pain continue to aggravate, the range of lower limbs involved, should be timely treatment.(Reporter Tian Xiaohang)