Just!Another emergency search is underway in Fujian

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Notification of Fuding Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Infection in Fuding City (2022) (No. 11) All townships (subdistricts, Longan), all municipal units and the general public dear friends, on April 6, Ningde Fuding City received a letter of assistance from the higher authorities, indicating that two Shanghai COVID-19 positive patients had been on the move in Fuding City.The Fuding Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters has immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and made all-out efforts to carry out epidemic tracing, isolation and control, nucleic acid testing, and village (community) prevention and control.Now the activity track of the two people in Fuding is published as follows: At 22:10 on March 31, they drove themselves off the Fuding Expressway;22:46 (payment time) Have dinner at Guan Yang Sliced meat and Loach Noodle shop at the gate of Zhonghui Square;23:05 check into the mountain front street Yunhe road hotel.April 1 11:30-12:00 in Wenzhou Mall Jiang Xiang goldfish restaurant for dinner;15:30 Drive to little Egret Beach;16:00-16:30 Have dinner at Jiuge Tavern, Xiangshan East Road, Dianxia Town;At 17:00 at the gate of niulanggang scenic area rest for one hour, did not get off during;18:00 drive along the national road to Xiapu.From 14:00-14:30, April 4, drive along the national Road to Fuding and have dinner at Guanyang Sliced Meat and Loach Noodle restaurant at the gate of Zhonghui Square.14:30 Leave Fuding at high speed from The Eight foot gate.Citizens who come into contact with the victim at the time and place mentioned above or have overlapping tracks should report to the township, village (community) or work unit immediately. Do not go out during the period, and cooperate with the flow control and nucleic acid test.The Municipal Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and control has carried out nucleic acid testing and elimination work for all personnel in relevant areas, and relevant close contacts and sub-close contacts have implemented control measures. The general public is requested to pay close attention to official authoritative release, do not believe, spread or spread rumors, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work.7 April 2022 For information, please call 0593-7839000.Source: Fuding COVID-19 Response Leading Group (Headquarters)