Lasting happiness comes from an interesting soul

2022-05-25 0 By

I remember Yang Liping once said: “Some people’s life is to pass on the family line, some are to enjoy, some are to experience, some are to watch.I am a bystander of life. I came to the world to see how a tree grows, how a river flows, how clouds float, and how dew condenses.”Each of us a lot of time is a bystander of life, but also enthusiastically into the world of mortals, everyone’s attitude to life determines the life has a different look, accustomed to complain of people, a little bit of life is not good, it should lose the happiness.And the heart full of people, always have a good look forward to life, even if encounter a lot of unhappy things, always because of a little happiness, let life bright again.Some people do not see the joy of life, not really there is no fun in life, but lack of eyes, lack of an interesting soul, their own boring, feel that life is full of boring, even if he has a lot of opportunities to be happy, he will not feel it.Some people, even if there is no bright color in life, because the soul is interesting, the heart is full of beauty, he knows that there is no fun to create the joy of life, even if the day is hard, he can see the fun in it, he can create his own happiness.So those who live a happy life are not necessarily the luckiest, but they are certainly the most playful, the most interesting souls.