Repeated modification of God Sun Ce unexpectedly no one to see where the modification, why?What’s the point?

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Repeated modification of God Sun Ce unexpectedly no one to see where the modification, why?What’s the point?It is no surprise that Sun Ce, the god of the Experience server, is online again.I wonder if God Sun Ce felt ashamed when he saw us?Do you feel embarrassed to be in public beta so often?Tinker Bell found that many players were not sensitive to the modification of Shensun Ce’s skills, or even could not see the differences between them in each version of Shensun Ce’s skills.In fact, this is beyond blame, because god Sun ce jun as long as this setting does not change the plan, in other places do small hands is really difficult to see, because in addition to the deduction of physical strength limit, this super underworld setting, the rest of us are not concerned about.God sun ce / 1 blood 6 limit the bully: play phase limit time, you can choose a maximum strength is greater than 1 other roles, make its reduce 1 physical limit and pacify tags, and then you reduce 1 physical limit.You have no limit on how far you can play a card against a character with a pacifying mark.Oversea: Lock move, a character with a pacifying mark cannot respond to the cards you use against him. when you target a character with a pacifying mark, if you have less than two cards this way this turn, you draw a card.When a character with a pacifying mark dies, you increase the maximum strength by X and touch X cards (X is the number of pacifying marks he has).Feng He: locking technology, your hand limit is equal to the loss of physical value, when you the damage caused by other characters, if you have a brand and strength limit is greater than 1, to prevent the damage, then reduced by 1 point of maximum strength and 1 CARDS to an other roles, and then if you have skills in English, make damage sources an end tag.A skill is still applied to a player with a maximum stamina, and a character with more than one is forced to reduce the maximum stamina by a little.A mark is then acquired, and the card that Sun Ce plays against the marked character has no distance limit.Have to say, want to plan only not to change, sun Ce of god of this underworld skill can be spurned by player place all the time.Two skills is simply a locking machine god Sun Ce to have a mark of people using cards, those people are not able to respond, and when Sun Ce with cards to designate them as the target, you can touch a card, a round of maximum use of this set to touch two cards.Every time the character with the mark gg, god Sun Ce has to restore the maximum strength, and then touch the card.The three skills ensure sun Ce’s ability to save and survive, sun Ce gives a mark to characters that damage him, and passes key cards to teammates.This general tinker bell does not want to say anything, because he has changed, is still on the strength of the upper limit of the issue, friends can see this version of Sun Ce and the last version of sun Ce where there is a difference?Ok, this is the content of this issue, like friends can click on the attention, Tinker bell in hand to kill you.See you next time.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the three countries small Tinker bell those later into god’s generals, mountains do not turn water turn thirty years hedong thirty years Hexi!