What do zhangjiakou people say during Spring Festival?Why eat dumplings on the first day?

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New Year at the beginning of every night till the 15th day of evening, elders are children lucky money to relatives and friends, to watch wishes for the younger generation of elders, let children good luck in the New Year health, when the New Year the Spring Festival, elders to give the younger generation will be prepared New Year’s money, to take geely, lucky money only to dual, but taboo four, it is said that money can pin the evil thing,Because “sui” and “sui” homonym, the younger generation can get lucky money to spend a year in peace.There are two kinds of lucky money, one is made of colorful rope threading dragon shape, placed at the foot of the bed;The other is the most common, which is money distributed to children by parents wrapped in red paper.New Year’s money can be awarded in public after the junior New Year’s visit, or when the child falls asleep on New Year’s Eve, parents secretly put it under the child’s pillow.Folk think points New Year’s money to children, when the devil or “year” to harm children, children can use these money to bribe them and change the fierce as auspicious, clear man Wu Manyun “New Year’s Money” in the poem cloud: “one hundred money to wear color line long, points to pillow from the collection, discuss firecrackers talk about xiao price, add a busy baby night”.From this point of view, New Year’s money is linked to a childlike innocence, and children’s New Year’s money is mainly used to buy firecrackers, toys and candy and other holiday needs.Now the custom of distributing New Year’s money to the younger generation is still prevailing, and the money is mostly used by children to buy books and school supplies. The new fashion has given new content to the money.Eating jiaozi jiaozi, northern people also called “bian food”, as early as in The Three Kingdoms, called wonton.Eating dumplings on Spring Festival has become a custom since the Ming Dynasty.So why eat dumplings in the middle of the night or the morning of the first day of New Year’s Eve?In the old time to tiangan and earthly branches to time, haishi on New Year’s eve haishi will hand in when, is the latest beginning of the New Year moment, it is said to eat dumplings at this time, said “good luck and all the best”.And because of orthogonal at the moment, so eat dumplings homonym “jiaozi (when)”.In addition, dumplings are shaped like gold ingot. When making dumplings, a copper coin or coin is put in the stuffing in Saibei area. Whoever eats this kind of dumplings is considered to be blessed and will not encounter bad things in the New Year.Eat dumplings during the Spring Festival, especially with the auspicious meaning of “wealth and treasure”.Dumplings with flour as the skin, filling content is a variety of.The traditional recipe is filled with pig, beef and mutton, with Chinese cabbage, celery, leek, radish, melon and other vegetables.The most “orthodox” dumplings to eat, is boiled clear water, picked up after dipping with vinegar, garlic, sesame oil seasoning to eat.