Why did 58 students lose out to the “self-employed class” they once looked down on?

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58.com, a lifestyle service platform, has been in the spotlight due to a blood slave incident.According to reports, a Chinese man surnamed Li was forced by a criminal gang to smuggle himself into Cambodia to work as a blood slave after believing a fake job advertisement on 58.com.After the incident, 58.com’s dispute cases in recent years were also exposed by the media. Sohu Financial reported that a search for “58.com” and “fake recruitment” was conducted on the Internet of Chinese judicial documents, and more than 300 documents were retrieved.In addition to being defrauded of money, personal information was sold, there are victims were lured to join the fraud gang, tricked into pyramid selling dens.Why is 58.com, the so-called “national life service platform”, now so difficult to tell the real from the fake?(Recruitment scam has been one of the labels of 58.) Looking back at the development experience of 58.com, I once relied on “looking for a job, going to 58, renting a house, going to 58……”.A series of evil advertising slogans attracted a large number of users, the business scope gradually expanded, the user volume continued to rise, in 2015, it also merged its former rival Ganji.com, and became a “national level” platform at that time.However, 58.com’s extensive business scope makes it difficult for 58.com, which mainly focuses on information release, to implement strict supervision in each business port, resulting in a decline in user experience and reputation.Why do 58.com and its incubated real estate information platform Anjuke, ganji.com, Minming.com, Zhubajie and other comprehensive service platforms continue to be banned due to false information?This is determined by its business model.58.com deals in traffic.58.com’s revenue comes from membership, online marketing services, e-commerce services and other sources, and members refer to paying merchants, according to previously published earnings reports.Some people think that as long as a business license can be posted on 58.com recruitment information, so it is impossible to prevent false information.In fact, low threshold of entry brings more merchants, fake information brings more clicks, such “left hand membership fee, right hand click consumption” for the platform are “white money”.Another version of this story is “Why search engines were willing to accept the advertisement of Putian hospitals in the wild times”.The senior product manager judge pointed out that the audit is equivalent to endorsing the credit of the enterprises on the platform, but the money it earns from the owners may not be enough for the audit cost. If the ROI is negative, the business will not be established.The premise of the establishment of classified information business is low cost, and the platform earns money from information release, not from credit investigation.There is nothing wrong with pursuing traffic. What is wrong is forgetting the original purpose of information matching — truly satisfying the needs.If the post-00s, represented by 58.com, have lost their way in the carnival of traffic, then the post-10s, represented by Homelink and Shell, have suddenly returned to the Hard mode of “seeking truth”.In 2011, zuo Hui, who was still alive at that time, led Lianjia to take the lead in launching real housing action in the industry on his own, set about developing real housing standards, and committed to providing consumers with real and reliable housing information and services.After experiencing pains at the beginning of the online, the concept of “real housing” of Lianjia hit the ground running, which is the golden rule in the field of real estate brokerage today.If the truth of Lianjia is more a kind of “own truth” and cannot represent the difficulty of “platform”, then shell’s “funengzhen” is the “industry truth” relying on supervision and big data.According to the data of Shell, shell encourages users to participate in the report with prizes, and the platform will compensate, and will punish the relevant intermediary stores and brokers;At the same time, shell claims to have “the industry’s only real housing source database”, and open to the use of cooperative brokers, maintenance, quite a “boss can not look down on everyone just rotten money, determined to good money to expel bad money” plain.In the final analysis, Both Lianjia and Shell focus on seeking truth with information as the center, while experience, on the other side of urban life service development, needs another way of thinking: seeking quality.As we all know, the best way to control quality in the Internet age is self-management.In fact, now the rent is already a proprietary class brand in the field of the world, whether it is from the same transformation started with distributed freely, or the current centralized ownership first mooring diseaes, vanke is through its own team to complete the transformation of the rent, shelves, fundamentally guarantees the authenticity of the housing and high quality, gain the higher users reputation.It has to be said that under the huge demand, innovation in the real estate field has been ahead of The Times.(The rental sector has also been hit hard.) And then there is 58’s other big recruiting business, which is also losing its luster.BOSS Zhipin, by virtue of the mode innovation of “looking for a job, I want to talk to the BOSS”, has broken the pain point of the recruitment scene and attracted a large number of employees.In addition, BOSS Zhipin, as a recruitment company, invested 520 million yuan in R&D in 2020, accounting for 26.4% of the annual revenue.To break through the boundary of the bilateral market of recruitment with scientific and technological innovation, and deeply connect job seekers and employers.In addition, BOSS direct Hiring will specifically connect with enterprises and examine their current situation, qualifications and other aspects. The authenticity of recruitment is far beyond the simple information release mode of 58.com.Hu Jinghui, former vice president of 5I5J, once said that if 58.com only serves as an information platform and does not act as a real trading platform, it will be difficult to eradicate false information.Interestingly, in the story of 58.com CEO Yao Jinbo, when he first came to Beijing, he had only 5,000 yuan, but he was cheated out of 1,200 yuan by a black broker, which became the driving force for him to set up 58.com.Who would have thought, entrusted with the world without cheating expectations of the dragon knife, and finally became the shelter of the world cheater.Industry experts say 58.com is in the traffic “scalping” business, and the only indicator of the company’s profitability is the volume of traffic.More than anything else, there is a hunger for traffic.With the development of the Internet, once segmented industries gradually scale, consumers should try to choose more professional platforms for life services, especially recruitment, rental and other livelihood aspects, but also professional organizations for personal interests “insurance”.