61-year-old strange man dating, full of lies to eat soft rice, the old woman is not used to directly expose

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Sanmao said: “the most important thing in interpersonal relations is sincerity, and sincerity from the heart.Sincerity is a powerful sword in society, and it should be carried everywhere.”If you lose the bottom line of sincerity when communicating with people, you will get nowhere.Especially on a blind date, the attitude you convey will be that the other person has seen your whole life. If you play smart the first time you meet, you will block your way.01. How much is the salary?61-year-old Uncle Jia, divorced from his former wife, has been looking for a new wife.He had once been on a date with his wife. She was in good financial condition, but he was not polite. He hinted that she could buy a car for him and even offered to live in her home.Having been rejected, he did not reflect on his own problems and went out on a blind date again. This time, he was directly driven out by the woman.Fan Shouxia, a 58-year-old woman, had a tough life. Her ex-husband loved to drink, and his wine was not good. If he drank too much, he would lose his temper.After helping her son get married, she saved money to buy a 42-square-meter house. Although the area was not large, she had at least a place to settle down. It can be seen that Fan Shouxia was a strong woman.When she entered Fan Shouxia’s house, the house was neat and tidy, giving a person a very comfortable feeling. She was also used to working hard. Usually she still worked outside and earned more than 2000 yuan per month.Uncle Jia came and saw the clean and tidy community environment. He looked around and said he was very satisfied with it. After meeting Fan Shouxia, he also looked at the house and said “spotless”.Fan Shouxia was very happy that his work was recognized. He had a good first impression of Uncle Jia and asked him to sit down and communicate about his situation.Blind date chats are mostly about getting to know each other, from family members to values. However, Uncle Jia’s mind is different and he focuses on the house.”What is the size of the house?””How much is it?””How much is the maintenance fee?”What is a blind date?Clearly is ready to buy a house rhythm, Fan Shouxia is not angry, detailed to introduce again, in return for Uncle Jia’s comments “spotless”.Is it funny? It can also be seen from here that Uncle Jia is immersed in his own mind. He only cares about what he wants to know, without considering the feelings of the other party.Low eq is at best, selfish at worst.02. Playing smart is a reflection of inner confidence. In the second round of communication, we arrived at a more practical link.Uncle Jia volunteered: “I have no house, no car, no savings. I have a son at home, but I don’t need to care about him. He is already able to live independently.In a word, the day to chat dead, do not know some of the past, how can imagine the future?Uncle Jia gives people the impression that he is poor and has no conditions. You can do as you please.Anyway, I’ll live in your house, no savings, no dinner.Talking about money is not encouraged, but being too defensive can also make people feel insincere. What are you trying to do to get your date to meet you?Fan Shouxia, who was also emotionally intelligent, turned a corner and asked, “Do you own a house in the countryside?”Uncle Jia replied, “I have a brick house, but it’s not mine.”It’s better to say no. It’s not yours, and there’s no point in you saying it.Fan Shouxia asked again, “How much do you earn a month?”This is a very real issue, the salary is related to their future quality of life, there is nothing to hide, the result is this simple question, fan Shouxia angered.”About 2,000 yuan a month,” Mr. Jia said as he rocked on the sofa.Even the matchmaker can not go down, directly ask: “big ye, your last program is still said to be 4 thousand, how to become 2 thousand here?”Fan Shouxia also asked, “How much is it?”Uncle Jia dozen careless eye: “I thought she asked is the cost of living?”This attitude made Fan Shouxia find it hard to accept. She was a straightforward person and would immediately respond to others’ lies. Uncle Jia also said, “There are staff members here.I did not mention living expenses, is to ask you how much salary?”With the matchmaker’s advice, the problem was finally overcome, and Fan Asked a more realistic question: “What will you do with your life when you come to live with me after you get married?”The meaning is very simple, is the cost of living after all AA system, or a person responsible for?Uncle Jia replied, “If you don’t come to me, I won’t come to you, and you’ll have to pay AA for your living expenses.”Now Fan Shouxia was really angry. She had actually read the information and knew that Uncle Jia had no room and could accept the other party to live in her home, but she could not bear the other party’s insolence. The soft rice wanted to eat hard, so she could not bear it.The point of Fan Shouxia’s anger was not that Uncle Jia was not qualified, but that he was not sincere.From the first meeting, he was playing tai Chi, always refused to reveal his true situation, the reason can be guessed, is not to let the woman take advantage of the income deliberately said less than half.But a couple live, lost sincerity, how can the other side find a sense of security?People in this life, not afraid of poverty, not afraid of hardship, afraid of people close to play clever.For example, between husband and wife, the income is not transparent, you don’t know how much the other person earns, you don’t know what the other person spends, over time, there will be suspicion, make each other’s relationship fall apart.As the saying goes, “a sincere person walks into each other’s heart, while a hypocritical person walks out of sight.If two people want to establish a relationship, you need to start small, your attitude, is also the standard for each other to measure.See two people can not talk, matchmaker is also warm-hearted, suggest uncle Jia leave the woman’s contact information, can communicate privately.Uncle Jia was funny again: “My cell phone is out of power.”You might as well say you don’t have a cell phone, you feel embarrassed for him across the screen, this dating program broadcast, it is estimated that other women also dare not date with him.In life, there are also such people who think they are smart and like to get along with others by tricks. As time goes by, they will have fewer and fewer friends around them and the road will become narrower and narrower.In fact, sincerity is the deepest routine.You can build relationships quickly and get people to speak their minds, while those who play smart make a joke of themselves.Here also sincerely suggest uncle Jia, instead of playing smart, it is better to use energy to improve themselves, when you have enough ability, you will not give life set on the invisible shackles.Sincerity is brave, but kindness is brave.To love oneself and respect others is the best sincerity.Give yourself a thumbs up!Do you think Uncle Jia can meet love?