A woman in Hainan crashed while driving on the wrong side of the road after drinking

2022-05-26 0 By

On January 25, haikou, Hainan Province, something happened that left people speechless.A woman was driving a brown SUV under the influence, apparently on the wrong side of the road, when she hit an oncoming vehicle.However, did not think of is, although the woman got off the car full of strong alcohol, but very arrogant to be hit the vehicle driver said: “I can do a phone call!”Or, woman is played a phone call, a number of men came to the scene, but let women don’t speak, and let the woman drink buy water, but the driver was hit already call the police, the police arrived quickly, on-site stopped the woman to drink water, see the blowing type alcohol detection, unwilling to cooperate with police to be taken to a hospital for testing…Read this report, have to say that the female driver is a drunk silly woman!Fortunately, no one was hurt and only two cars were damaged.Although the woman called in some people, they all understood the seriousness of the matter and could not let the woman continue to make mistakes. So they were all very wise.People who can say this kind of words may be used to flying and domineering at ordinary times, so some things will think about their energy, but they do not know, only this thing is really very difficult to do!I think both sides of the vehicle will have a dashcam, for illegal acts can be recorded clearly, it is difficult to defend or distort the facts.In addition, the woman is drunk driving, after the test, even the lightest drunk driving, will be suspended for six months driving license, a fine of 1,000 to 2,000 yuan.Women who meet the criteria for drunk driving face revocation of their driver’s license, a five-year ban on reobtaining one, or even criminal punishment.Therefore, no matter how to say, drunk driving behavior is harmful to others, but more than gain!Drink not to drive, drive not to drink, the Spring Festival is coming, we must remember it!