Internal channels to sell 10% off gas cards?””Losing money” implies fraud

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News source: justice oil why she buy discount sell original large network card “pocket” implied fraud routines justice net news (reporter yang2 kang) recently, the zhejiang xinchangxian Liang Mou fraud case’s procuratorate prosecuted according to law, the court made the first-instance judgment, sentenced the defendant Liang Mou fixed-term imprisonment 11 years, $160000 fine.”Internal channels, Sinopec, CNPC oil card 10% off sale!”In December 2020, Zhu saw someone claiming to be able to buy fuel cards at a low price on his wechat moments, and was moved.So, she contacted the seller and bought 876,000 yuan worth of fuel cards in a month, paying 786,000 yuan actually.”Cheap” come so easily, taste the “sweet” zhu mou will increase “investment”.However, as the “investment” is getting bigger and bigger, the progress of the oil card to the account is getting slower and slower. The seller lies that the oil card is in short supply during the Spring Festival, and the leaders need to approve and lend money.After Zhu mou feels cheated, hence alarm.In just two months, Zhu was cheated of more than 610,000 yuan.In addition to Zhu, more than 30 people have been cheated.After investigation, the “seller” Liang, more than 30 years old, pregnant, unemployed during the epidemic at home, no fixed income, and carrying a large amount of debt.In the face of increasing economic burden and pressure of dun, circle of friends is one of the oil card advertising way to let her to find a quick money: in the first circle of friends to send “internal channels have discounted oil card” messages to attract customers to buy the oil card, then the customer’s money to pay his debts and personal consumption, after waiting for the second customer “bait”, again with the customer’s money on a card to the customer to buy oil,Use the time gap to get money to plug the debt hole.Liang released the first discount oil card through the circle of friends after the information, did not expect business is very good, constantly someone to pay for discount oil card, Liang took the advance payment to Sinopec original price to buy oil card delivered to the card buyer, obtain the trust of the card buyer.Ten, ten, buy discount oil card more and more people, from the initial thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, more people take the initiative to contact willing to do her special agent.With the increasing number of agents, Liang mou also kept expanding customer base, broaden customer source, through the new and old way to maintain the capital chain, in this way,20 million yuan of funds flowing into the pocket of Liang Mou, Liang mou has benefited more than 3.7 million yuan.After 8 months of hard maintenance, the deficit caused by buying oil cards at the original price and then selling them at a discount is getting bigger and bigger. The gap between the advance payment and the actual delivery of oil cards has reached more than 3 million yuan.Because the amount that new customer hands in money is far less than the amount that buys card to need, liang mou consign the speed of oil card is slower and slower, customer was in urge more than then had suspicion, customer source is lost ceaselessly.Eventually, Liang mou capital chain is completely broken, the victim calls the police, Liang mou’s scam is completely exposed.