Because the family is warm, so the child is excellent

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[Rose][Rose] Today’s message: Because the family is warm, so the children outstanding after the Lantern Festival, a new spring officially opened.The earth is about to spring, forge ahead of the people have been itching to try.Farewell in the “year” at the door, there are a few words or to charge in the mouth.First of all, I wish you and your family a happy holiday!Second, please read quietly: Once a father asked professor Medina, a famous American neuroscientist, for advice: Professor, could you tell me how I can help my son get admitted to Harvard University?Medina replied: From now on, you go home and love your wife.Education expert Sun Yunxiao later asked Medina specifically on the matter: why did you let the father go home to hurt his wife?Medina replied that the best predictor of academic success in the United States is emotional stability in the family.Family emotional stability was largely predicted by the wife’s mood.In short: the more stable the wife, the more stable the family, and the better the children’s grades.And the best way to keep your wife emotionally stable is to spoil her.A woman living in her husband’s love, her heart is soft, gentle, stable, will tolerate everyone around, will create a happy and warm family atmosphere.On the contrary, a woman who has endured her husband’s indifference, complaint, and irritability for a long time will transfer these negative emotions to the rest of the family, and a family will never be peaceful and angry.There is a well-known saying in foreign countries, “Happy wife Happy life”.The Chinese translation is “happy wife, happy life”.The opening lines of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina are striking: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”What are happy families like?A happy family should be one in which the mother is spoiled, the father is respected and the children are accepted.In the New Year, may every family find laughter and happiness![Rose][Rose][Rose] Happy Lantern Festival