Beijing Municipal Education Commission announces list!This double-top school has been “mentioned” for 8 times, and many teams and teachers have been listed!

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Recently, the Beijing municipal education commission issued the education working committee of the CPC Beijing committee of Beijing education commission notice on the course education demonstration project list, Beijing jiaotong university has eight courses education demonstration course in Beijing, as curriculum and teaching team, head of the education teaching masters at the same time as curriculum and teaching team.The courses awarded include 5 undergraduate courses, 2 postgraduate courses and 1 advanced continuing education course.Undergraduate courses:Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave “electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave” course around school “moral virtue, base broad, profound thinking innovation, ability of excellence, professional” the overall goal of personnel training, take the student as the center, depth excavation course ideological elements, from the “power of scientific spirit, scientists, quality, scientific construction of the three aspects into ideological instruction case,The power of science and technology, dedication to develop into the course content unceasingly, thought the country cultivate patriotic high-quality professional talents as the goal, values guide in knowledge and ability training, build the “educational environment, professional characteristics, curriculum content, teachers have feelings, students who are interested in” course education construction and development of new pattern.Undergraduate courses: University Physics (A) I, II “University Physics” course has been awarded national Excellent Course, National Excellent Resource Sharing course, National first-class offline undergraduate course and many other honors.This course takes students as the center, realizes the integration of value shaping, knowledge imparting and ability cultivation, and implements the fundamental task of cultivating people through virtue.The teaching team strengthens the construction of teachers’ ethics. Teachers help students establish lofty life ideals through demonstration and words and deeds.Undergraduate courses: accounting principles “accounting principle” course and Beijing jiaotong university age grade history, is the economic management institute of the categories of basic course, core courses, courses in jiaotong university patriotic education construction accounting historian YanZong hubei, Yang rumei, such as road patriotic feelings of love lead, strengthen the home country feelings, highlight the professional ethics and accounting standards.This course combines accounting elements, accounting information quality and accounting information disclosure with the rich economic phenomena and complex business forms in the rapidly developing rail transit industry, deeply and systematically excavates ideological and political elements and integrates them into the course content, and builds a diversified ideological and political case library such as the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.The ideological and political teaching system of “student-teacher-enterprise” has been reconstructed.Undergraduate courses: Mechanical Principle The course of “Mechanical Principle” is based on the talent training orientation of Jiaotong University and the characteristics of mechanical major. According to the course characteristics and its important role in the cultivation of students’ knowledge, ability and quality, the top-level design and teaching implementation with students as the center is constantly strengthened.Curriculum education function at the same time, in-depth mining, put forward the “four fusion a demonstration” curriculum education development strategy, will run through the whole course teaching and practice teaching, strengthening students in intelligent manufacturing strategy bear responsibility and mission, and realize the value of peer model, knowledge and ability training.The “Soil Mechanics” course aims at strengthening the engineering ethics of students and cultivating civil engineering talents with responsibility and excellent moral character for the country. It integrates the school motto of “knowing and doing” into the classroom, serves the strategy of building a powerful country in transportation, carries out the ideological and political construction of the curriculum, and forms a wealth of teaching cases.The course is closely combined with the engineering practice, and the socialist core values run through the teaching of soil mechanics, fully excavating the educational factors contained in soil mechanics.At the same time, the ideological and political construction has been expanded from classroom teaching to practice teaching and online platform, realizing diversified and multi-angle education.Colleges and universities are important bases for cultivating talents, and shoulder the important responsibility of cultivating high-quality talents for the Party and the country. Curriculum ideology and politics is a way and means to cultivate and shape people.It is of great significance to strengthen the ideological and political construction of curriculum in colleges and universities.This award shows that BJTU has achieved excellent results in the construction of ideological and political courses.School will take this opportunity to give full play to the political education demonstration course teaching masters, and the team’s demonstration leading role, continuous deepening education course construction, explore innovative curriculum ideological construction methods, improve teachers’ ability to carry out the course ideological construction, and improve the mechanism of synergy advancing the course of the construction of the ideological system, comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training.This article is from: People’s Daily Online, The official weibo account of Beijing Jiaotong University, and the official website of Beijing Jiaotong University