How can good wood be made badly?Choose the ebony look for these points!

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Who is the hottest wood market in recent years?That is black gold wood, it is worthy of the real wood market “favorite”, lasting 100 years of timber it materials low, is one of rare precious rare wood, black gold wood formerly called zebra wood, has the “South American noble” reputation.Itself texture clear thick, black and gold curve are intertwined, and visual point of view is very natural and stretch, and sharply wood pattern beautiful natural hardness is better, it has been found after the fire in this wood furniture “delicious”, so sharply wood began and the furniture of different style collision, what kind of style, but in what kind of style,Black gold wood can deduce the ultimate lasting appeal.Is sharply wood is one of the top material of high-grade furniture, in its natural color, any aspect can clearly shows the beauty of wood grain, with sharply ligneous into each product all is full of powerful natural breath, excellent raw material need to innovative technology will exert very is its beauty, and sharply wooden furniture on the market quality is uneven,As consumers, how should we choose a good ebony furniture?See framework quality take sofa sample, sharply wood is very important, the framework of the quality of the frame to a certain extent determines the quality and the service life of the whole piece of furniture, like people have their own frame, frame is crucial for the furniture, the framework must be real wood, so just have a very good bearing capacity,When furniture of choose and buy, we also can test the firmness of furniture personally.In addition to the quality of the filler itself, the filler of wujin wood furniture should pay more attention to, for example, the filler of the sofa determines the comfort of the sofa. When you choose and buy, you can try to press the back of the sofa or the armrest with your hand, feel the resilience of the filler, and choose the better one that is sedentary and does not collapse.Look at the fabric and workmanship if it is to choose the leather of the black gold sofa, the leather should be rich and shiny, without scars, fine texture lines, and the fabric of the black gold sofa should pay attention to the permeability and wear resistance of the fabric, it is best to sofa cushion, back cover convenient disassembly clean.Degree of fine workmanship can be on the whole, such as furniture lines smooth, compact whether bright and clean, the stitching is straight, detail decides success or failure, can see more details of the furniture, see if the fabric is smooth and fine, presence of jump line, no exposed joints, also note whether sewing stitch evenly straight, the detail processing of sofa is detailed.How can such precious wood be churned out?It is very important to choose excellent ebony wood for workmanship, so that it can be more perfect to show in front of us and accompany us for a long time. The above is the share of the content of this issue. If you want to know more about solid wood furniture, you may wish to comment and leave a message