Linyi capital market development, cultivation and upgrading a year of newly listed enterprises 36

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Qilu network · Lightning news January 28 – On January 28, Linyi City People’s Government information office held the “2021 economic and social development inventory” theme series of press conference 11th, at the meeting, Linyi city local financial supervision and Administration bureau reported the city’s financial operation in 2021.The reporter learns from the conference, in order to deepen the listed arrangement in linyi, exchange of “going out”, many times to Shanghai, wuhu, ganzhou city, investigation and study, on the development of capital markets foster weifang on behalf of the municipal government and the Yangtze river delta capital market service base, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, union city as Yangtze river delta capital market services base.Counselling training “please come in”, capital market services organization advance will linyi high quality development activities, the difference between “mobilization launch period” “growing cultivation period” “mature” and so on the different stages of cultivating enterprise, to develop by instalments “training” and “point-to-point customised” of combining the modular training. 4, invited experts thematic teaching outside agencies.Touch base “sink”, the enterprise conduct of listed “hundreds of companies survey” activities, field visit company more than 140 times, covering 156 companies listed in the whole city is established a backup repository, including 25 companies in the province key reserve listed enterprise library, linshu pioneer in a province the only listed company hatch ghettos.Listing atmosphere “raised”, held the city’s enterprise listing work promotion meeting, Linyi city government issued “On comprehensively Promoting the Implementation of the Five-year Action Plan for Enterprise listing”, anchor the first phalanc of enterprise listing work in the province, put forward 10 core measures, the enterprise listing of up to 15 million yuan of financial support.By the end of 2021, there are a total of 11 listed companies in the city. The key enterprise to be listed, China National Foundry Casting Pipe, has passed the guidance and acceptance of the provincial Securities regulatory Bureau, and the listing application materials have been formally accepted by the CSRC.There were 36 newly listed companies, and the total number of listed companies in the New Third Board and regional equity exchange market reached 11 and 299 respectively.Lightning news reporter Li Chunxiao linyi report