Middle station: Longcheng Education Group Laboro Street Primary school mathematics quality class demonstration activity

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In order to improve the teaching art level of teachers and the enthusiasm and initiative of teaching and research, to encourage teachers to move forward, recently, zhongzhan District Longcheng Education Group Laboro Street primary school held a high quality mathematics class demonstration activities.In class, the teachers showed their elegant demeanour and showed their strong spirit of seeking knowledge and exploring ideas.Nine quality classes have bright spots, classes have wonderful!Teachers are free to relax, create a free and harmonious learning atmosphere, appropriately, the life of the mathematics classroom is their brilliant display of wisdom.Liu jiazhen is a kind and natural teacher, who encourages students to question boldly and think independently, to stimulate students’ deep thinking and emotional investment, so that students can learn a higher realm and better learning effect.”Division with Remainder”, gou Yuming teacher introduces teaching with the game situation that students like and enjoy, constantly inspires and guides students, and students easily and joyfully master new knowledge.Tian Zuozhi teacher “the application of the Law of Addition operation” Tian Zuozhi teacher carefully study the problems existing in the learning process of students’ calculation problems, targeted teaching in the classroom, intensive, prominent focus, multi-direction to reduce students’ learning burden, students’ learning enthusiasm continues to improve!In Mr. Ma jianchao’s math class, the teaching objectives have been put into place and the teaching process is smooth and smooth. Students have learned solidly and effectively. While learning knowledge, they have also experienced the fun of learning mathematics.Simanyun attaches great importance to hands-on practice and designs various challenging learning activities, so that students can know what they are and why they are, and develop students’ reasoning ability and spatial concept. The teaching is real, simple and solid!Understanding cuboids by Zhao Yanling Teacher’s ingenious classroom design attracted students;The vivid demonstration of courseware and efficient class activated students’ thinking cells and enhanced their self-confidence!”Proportion and Basic Application” by Ms. “Proportion and Basic Application” by Ms.Application problem teaching pays attention to problem solving thinking training, practice layer by layer depth, the effect is very good!The volume of a cone taught by Teacher Pei Yun has a clear teaching link design with clean language, allowing students to experience teaching activities such as conjecture, verification, discussion and induction, explore and master the volume formula of a cone, and further experience the transformation of thinking methods.”The Significance and Nature of Proportion” xu Mingying teacher xu mingying introduced the new lesson with different scenes of the national flag, and let the students choose from two rectangular paper, let the students with interest and questions to explore proportion, achieved the expected teaching effect!The way ahead is so long without ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.This is a group of people who love mathematics, this is a group of people who are willing to contribute, this is a group of people who are persistent in the pursuit of teaching and research.An event, a growth, a open teaching, for the teaching and GuanMaZhe is an exercise, a raise, enjoy different teacher unique style, enjoy math class thought collision sparks, and enjoy the different teaching methods, the impact of teachers to discuss, learn from each other, inspire each other, growing, the school education teaching quality to a new level!End compiled album | li-jung chang LeiZhenZhou Xie Yanhui Zhang xue, soft deputy editor (trainee) | | zhang editor Lin