Ningxiang No. 1 Middle School: Strengthen the defense line of food safety to let students eat more “health”

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In ningxiang no. 1 middle school canteen, the students were eating happily and talking.Massachusetts moment on February 17th – (reporter Dacac correspondent Guo Huaijun Yang Changzhi) recently, the reporter visited ningxiang city the first senior middle school (hereinafter referred to as the “ningxiang 1) school canteen, to build a food safety of DAMS, the school under the leadership of the headmaster OuYangCai, by the spirit of” rush “and” and “strength,” dry “style of work,To create a ningxiang one of the characteristics of the “safety canteen” “cultural canteen”.”For students, food should be delicious, healthy and safe.”Speaking of campus food safety, Ouyang said that schools not only shoulder the mission of education, but also to be responsible for students’ health and life safety.To this end, in the summer vacation of 2021, Ningxiang No. 1 Middle School self-raised funds of more than 600,000 yuan, the school canteen operation room, student restaurant, shop and other places to carry out a comprehensive quality improvement transformation, including circuit transformation, operation of wall tiles, lighting transformation, etc.More than 400,000 yuan was invested in updating the consumption system, adding stainless steel tableware, steaming cabinets and other equipment, and transforming canteens and stores to make them standardized and standardized.Now, into a ningxiang middle school canteen, washing, operation, dining, dining and other zoning is clear, reasonable layout;Raw material rough processing, hot processing, tableware disinfection, cleaning, vegetable soaking, cleaning and other functional areas, clear division without cross;Disinfection room, dressing room, ultraviolet disinfection, etc.The high-standard hardware facilities not only ensure the nutrition and safety of the canteen food, but also create a clean and tidy food processing and dining environment for teachers and students.Strengthen “software”, centralized training.Hardware facilities to improve at the same time, Ningxiang no. 1 special attention to school food safety work innovation.In order to implement the school food safety work, ningxiang one formed by the group leader, logistics is the principal of the vice principal deputy team leader, general affairs section, student affairs office, safeguard section and other business departments for members of the leading institutions, is responsible for management and school food safety work supervision, construction of school food safety work network, food safety work for the school in order to carry out to provide a strong organizational guarantee.In the food procurement, Ningxiang No.1 Middle school insists on the principle of “blocking the source, regulating the procurement”, and always carries out strict examination on the qualification of suppliers.For bulk commodities, the procurement mechanism of “collective inspection, collective selection and collective pricing” is implemented. For small commodities and vegetables, the group leader and deputy group leader jointly make inquiries and check the quality.Through standardized procurement, not only from the source to stop unqualified food into the school, to ensure that the grain, oil and vegetables into the school reasonable price, reliable quality, fresh and safe, but also to ensure the healthy diet of teachers and students, for the school food safety work laid a foundation.Ensure school food safety, but also from the source control.In the canteen of Ningxiang No. 1 Middle School, raw materials are also tested for pesticide residues before entering the restaurant.In terms of the process, we strictly select, clean, cut, process, and test meals to ensure that teachers and students can eat at ease, comfort and nutrition.School stores that offer extra meals are also demanding.Reporters into the school store to see, shelves are brand milk, bread and so on.”The school store mainly provides students with school and daily necessities, and occasionally solves the problem of poor appetite.”A staff member introduced.Ningxiang also implemented the “bright kitchen stove” project, so that students and parents can watch the school canteen on the monitoring screen in real time, really let the school food safety work can see, feel.In order to strictly implement the “accompanying meal system”, Ouyang insisted on regular inspection, interview, listen to students’ opinions and suggestions on the canteen, understand students’ taste and students’ favorite dishes, timely make corresponding adjustments to the canteen service and dishes.At the same time, the logistics department will also carry out regular self-inspection, in-depth canteen to carry out “meal with” work, to guide and standardize students’ eating habits, tableware recycling and placing, strengthen communication with students, emotionally care for the healthy growth of students.Ouyang CAI inspected the canteen and communicated with the students.Ouyang CAI paid attention to the school canteen as a “cultural canteen”, so that the school canteen become the second classroom for students to develop habits.When students are queuing for dinner, they can read the books they carry with them, which not only makes use of their free time, but also helps to maintain the order of the canteen.At the same time in the imperceptible, let the students understand nutrition collocation science, develop good eating habits, establish a sense of gratitude and so on.”Health is the starting point of life and education. It is the common wish of everyone to create a healthy and safe environment for students to grow up.”Ouyang CAI said that in the future, Ningxiang No. 1 middle school will continue to practice, promote the school’s food safety work reform and innovation, do a good let students satisfied with the “safety canteen” “cultural canteen”.