Short love long!Su Xi is working together to prevent and control the disease

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Released on February 14, 23 24 points in suzhou “suzhou epidemic prevention and control. 10, 2022 notice” epidemic prevention and control in 2022 in suzhou no. 10 announcement to effectively curb COVID – 19 outbreak spread, earnestly strengthen “spillover, non-proliferation, combined with the current epidemic situation in our city, the provincial COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading command port traffic control group agreed to,The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1.We advocate citizens to enhance their sense of responsibility for self-protection and protection of others, and conscientiously do not go out unless necessary and do not leave suzhou in case of emergency.2. Starting from midnight on February 15, 2022, 15 entrances of expressways will be closed and 31 inspection points for expressways leaving Suzhou will be set up (see attachment for details). Drivers and passengers should carry negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours with green health code.3. Suspension of inter-provincial passenger shuttle buses and chartered buses.Intercity and inter-city adjacent buses were suspended.4. Citizens on rail transit, regular buses and taxis (including online taxi service) should wear masks and take the initiative to check their body temperature and health code.5. Passengers leaving Suzhou by railway should have their body temperature checked and their health code and travel card checked. They can only enter the station and take a bus if there is no abnormal condition.Those with yellow health code or abnormal travel card shall be encouraged to return;Those with a red health code shall be quarantined for medical observation by the local epidemic prevention and control department in accordance with relevant regulations.Suzhou Joint COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters February 14, 2022 Annex: List of Closure of Expressways out of Jiangsu Province List of Inspection Points out of Jiangsu Province Wuxi issued a Reminder on current EPIDEMIC Prevention and Control at 19:14 on February 14, suzhou reported 7 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 1 asymptomatic case.Wuxi and Suzhou are geographically adjacent and have close personnel exchanges. The prevention and control of the epidemic is the work of both Suzhou and Wuxi.First, wuxi residents working in Suzhou should actively cooperate with local authorities in epidemic prevention and control, and strictly implement relevant local epidemic control measures.2. Since January 31, those who have been in contact with the confirmed cases (including asymptomatic infected persons) in Suzhou and have traveled to medium-high risk areas are required to report relevant information to their communities (villages) and work units as soon as possible, and cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing, health monitoring and other epidemic control measures.3. Since January 31, people with travel history in low-risk areas of Suzhou shall undergo health monitoring for 7 days (since the day they leave Suzhou), and nucleic acid test shall be conducted on the first, third and seventh days respectively.Those who have left Suzhou for more than 7 days shall undergo a nucleic acid test.4. Commuters who commute to Suzhou and Wuxi every day are required to come to work with 48-hour NUCLEIC acid report (nucleic acid once every two days) and health code green code, not to participate in gathering activities, not to take public transport, and keep a certain distance from others.V. When arriving at the “two stops and one stop” in Suzhou, all personnel with history of living in Suzhou shall take nucleic acid samples at the convenient nucleic acid sampling point set up in the station.The general public should continue to enhance their awareness of prevention and control of the epidemic, do a good job of self-health monitoring, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate, disinfect frequently, minimize gatherings, maintain social distancing, and actively cooperate with the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures.In case of fever, cough and other uncomfortable symptoms, immediately go to the fever clinic of a regular hospital or a designated medical institution for treatment, and truthfully report your travel and residence history. Wear a mask all the way to the doctor, and try to avoid taking public transportation.Those who violate the epidemic prevention and control regulations will be held accountable in accordance with the law.Suzhou and Wuxi are close to each other.Stretch out your hand, stretch out my hand, let us join hands, work together to win the battle against the epidemic quickly!Wuxi COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading on February 14, 2022, with headquarters office: municipal (county) area epidemic prevention and control command, contact phone number (click to view a larger version) attached: zhuhai 24 hours nucleic acid detection information of medical institutions (click to view a larger version) attached: zhuhai begin fever outpatient medical institutions list (click to view a larger version coordinating editor: pei green sources:Launched in Suzhou and Wuxi