Ten towns in Yongkang were included in the provincial-level list

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently, the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued a notice, identified as 515 towns and townships (streets) in the old revolutionary base areas.Among them, Yongkang city has 10 towns (streets) selected.Take a look at 👇, zhiying town, yongkang, xixi town, stone town, the town of zhoushan, furuyama town, longshan town, the town of nosean, like a pearl town town, Tang Xian town, yongkang short-term weather cloudy sometimes during the day today with outbreaks of 12 ~ 14 ℃ temperature PianDongFeng grade 1 ~ 2 tomorrow morning rain turned up cloudy cloudy afternoon temperature 10 to 16 ℃ in spring, the weather changeable friends to pay attention to focus on climate change~ Media editor: Dong Bibing