The Tianjin Shipping Index rose 3.61% month-on-month in the 10th week of 2022

2022-05-27 0 By

Xinhua Finance Tianjin, March 14 (reporter Wang Ning) Reporter learned from tianjin International Trade and Shipping Service Center, in the 10th week of 2022 (March 7-11), the Tianjin Shipping Index (TSI), a barometer of shipping prices for domestic and foreign trade in northern China, closed at 2,023.13 points.Compared to March 4 (the last release day of the ninth week), it has increased 3.61%.(tianjin international trade and shipping services center for figure) tianjin shipping index (TSI) reflects the comprehensive tianjin shipping market price fluctuations, and the northern region is composed of the north of international container freight index (TCI), the international dry bulk freight index (TBI), coastal container freight index (TDI) by calculating the comprehensive index.In the 10th week of 2022, Tianjin Shipping Index was released 5 times, showing a continuous upward trend, with a cumulative weekly increase of 70.44 points.Among them, the northern international container freight declined rapidly and then stabilized. Except for the Freight of the American route, the freight of Europe, Mediterranean, South America and other major routes all declined, resulting in a comprehensive drop of TCI of 0.89% on a weekly basis.Under the influence of strong demand, rising fuel prices and other factors, the freight indices of grain, coal and metal ore rose by 11.01%, 19.37% and 16.93% respectively. As a result, TBI rose by 15.73% on a weekly basis, with the highest one-day increase of 8.01%.Coastal container freight rates also kept rising. Affected by the increase in domestic coal, steel and PVC purchases, the market space was tight. Except for the decline of some shipping rates from Quanzhou/Xiamen to Tianjin, the shipping rates of all major shipping routes continued to rise, resulting in a month-on-month increase of TDI of 3.84%.Tianjin Shipping Index is released by Tianjin International Trade and Shipping Service Center on every working day. The sample range of the index covers 27 international shipping lines connecting Tianjin Port, Qingdao port and Caofeidian port with world ports, as well as domestic trade shipping lines connecting Tianjin Port and major Chinese ports.