Winter Olympics Special report! The second day of the Lunar New Year, back home!China reporter gets Beijing press card

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After months of preparation, the 2022 Beijing Press Center officially opened its doors on the first day of the Year of the Tiger.It serves 1,770 Chinese and foreign journalists from 432 media outlets around the world.It can be said that the Beijing Press Center 2022 is the “home” of journalists.In Chinese tradition, people go back to their parents’ home on the second day of the New Year.Early in the morning on February 2, the reporter of China rushed to the “home”.In The Beijing International Hotel, after checking the big data travel card and Beijing Health Bao, China reporters came to the press card issuing area according to the guidance of the sign.Wearing press cards, the “mother family” came to the 2022 Beijing Press Center as volunteers with warm service and meticulous handling. After submitting materials as required, journalists quickly got their own media reporter’s credentials in less than 2 minutes.The service desk at the entrance of the first floor is full of flavor of the New Year wearing documents, the reporter walked into the door of the “home”, here is full of flavor of the New Year, the Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival collision rub out dazzling color light.We can see the word “fu”, tiger mascot, red lanterns, Spring Festival couplets…Here, you can also experience the perfect combination of activity and stillness, culture and technology.In addition to the “Beautiful China” photo exhibition, image display booth, the “Beautiful China” and “Colorful China” exhibition, there are science and technology full, highlighting the charm of Beijing city “Look at the code”, “Message”, “yue You”, “dream” and other interactive displays.The reporter working area of Beijing Press Center is located in Niangjia. In addition to providing in-depth news and information services and efficient and convenient hardware facilities, the press center also provides media services such as consultation, transportation, catering and medical treatment.The staff carefully prepared masks, hand sanitizers, thermometers and other epidemic prevention items for journalists. The center also set up nucleic acid testing centers for journalists to work safely in the press center.Intimate and warm heart, for the “mother family” point!Beijing correspondent Yue Ming/text guo Liang/photography Ma Rui/video source: China Original title: “Winter Olympics special report! The second day of the Chinese New Year, back home! China reporter got the” press card “to cover Beijing”