Bank of China Heze Branch: Actively protect financial network security to escort the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics

2022-05-28 0 By

In order to ensure network security during the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, effectively prevent major network security incidents and effectively safeguard financial network security, according to the work deployment of the People’s Bank of China and the Banking regulatory Department, Bank of China Heze Branch actively completes the work arrangement and implementation.As a strategic partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the bank has always attached great importance to network security.Heze branch according to the needs of network security work the specific work arrangement, system-wide units at various levels shall strictly implement the responsibility system for network security work, the unit charge overall responsibility, responsible for network security within the department’s overall work, pays special attention to the specific work units directly responsible network security, network security layers of compaction work,Measures, plans and implementation will be taken to ensure network security during the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.To strengthen the inventory and sorting of network assets, check network risks and hidden dangers.Heze Branch recently carried out a comprehensive investigation of network assets, update the management ledger;At the same time, strengthen communication and linkage with external partners, prepare spare parts and ensure that emergency faults can be rectified in a timely manner.Unified arrangements were made to carry out scanning and repair of system vulnerabilities and weak password risks in multiple rounds according to the recent period.If the password strength does not meet the requirements, the rectification shall be carried out in the form of a list within a limited time to ensure the security and effectiveness of the system and password.At the same time, Bank of China Heze Branch is always nervous, fully complete emergency preparedness and guard work.The existing emergency plans were reviewed and re-examined, the disposal process and working mechanism were further optimized, relevant personnel were trained and emergency resources were prepared, work on duty during important periods was strengthened, and special emergency drills were carried out.Strengthen the power supply guarantee, communicate with the power supply company, strengthen the operation and maintenance of standby generators, and ensure the power supply in emergencies.Under the correct leadership and work guidance of the People’s Bank of China and the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Department, Bank of China Heze Branch will resolutely do a good job in the financial network security work during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, and make positive contributions to the smooth holding of the Winter Olympic Games.(Dongpeng Che Jun)