A 48-year-old man with “little red spots” in the area. Doctor: If you wait a little longer, you will have cancer

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LaoZheng 48 years old, often feel very tired recently, not only poor physical quality year after year, pressure is one year older than one year, often feel tired, but even so, as the mainstay of our home, monumental exploits all pointed at his work to make money for the family, LaoZheng even too tired to do, also had to grind persist, see fifty years old,But I have to work late every night.Just three months ago, LaoZheng found themselves a lot of small red dot, but these little red dot not painful not to itch, also did not affect his work, LaoZheng nor slow, until the weather is getting cooler, the climate is suitable, small red spots on the skin not only didn’t disappear, but also increased, this just LaoZheng attention, just went to the hospital to check, the result was found to cirrhosis of the liver.Doctor told LaoZheng, if in the three months ago LaoZheng was first found himself long red dot, came to the hospital, the treatment is much easier than it is now, the little red dot is in medicine is called “spider nevi” above, spider angioma to for comparison because its shape looks like a spider, is actually the liver lesions showed specific characteristics.Liver lesions, in addition to the little red dot, can develop and produce the following symptom 1, yellow around the body yellow abnormal obviously, when you look in the mirror will be found, the most obvious around as a single, facial hair is yellow, yellow urine, foot yellow, appear this kind of circumstance should pay close attention to the liver health in a timely manner, mostly liver function impairment.2, itch to scratch scratch itchy skin, very affect its image, but also easy to cause the skin dry damaged, therefore, must be active treatment, itching hypohepatia caused by the human body itch will only feel itch, but said it’s not clear where to itch again, this is due to toxin accumulation caused by endocrine disorders to stimulate the capillaries,Appear this kind of symptom check liver in time.3, skin ecchymosis sometimes in the morning to find himself some bruises, specific and don’t know how to, but in fact these puzzling bruises is due to the capillary rupture caused by subcutaneous bleeding and clotting factor inside the body and the loss of platelets, both elements by the liver to synthesis, if liver problems will lead to synthesize hindered.Protect liver health, must complete the three points into action (1, drink water more nourishing the liver is the life, the spring is a good season for nourishing the liver, with the warming of the weather in spring is not only lips easily weather-shack ache, it is easy to dry itchy skin, this time will pay attention to more hydrating, spring also can cause something strong, water add some small nourishing the liver of herbal plants, can gently suffered,Protect your liver while maintaining its health.Chrysanthemum: clear heat and expel fire, stabilize liver qi, detumescence and detoxification;Cassia seed: clear liver mingmu, li Shui defecate, relieve eye red swelling pain;Burdock root: cure irule on inverse, detumescence detoxification, reduce blood pressure;Honeysuckle: cure body heat headache, evacuate wind heat, pour dry heat;Osmanthus: cough and phlegm, stomach and liver, shengjin and phlegm;Wolfberry: delay aging, clear liver ventilation, benefit smart eye.2, adequate sleep the human body also needs to regulate the body function after adequate sleep, if insufficient sleep will cause functional disorders in the body, affect the health of the liver, therefore, if you want to liver disease not to find, it is necessary to maintain at least seven hours of sleep every day.3, mood relief although now life pressure is very large, too much pressure is easy to cause liver qi stagnation, causing liver damage, in life to relieve the mood, when the mood is bad, choose the right way to discharge, body and mind, but also can protect the liver from damage.