New era civilization practice yao Wuling | Nanping street White horse community: the wind sent mourning flowers offering martyrs

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Tomb-sweeping festival.Tomb-sweeping festival.Rednet moment Changde On April 3 (correspondent Chen Tingting) cool breeze send mourning, cuibai pass respect, is a year qingming, to further remember the revolutionary ancestors, promote patriotism.On April 2, all party members of Baima community, Nanping street, Wuling District, together with the women’s militia team, went to Dingling Park to carry out the qingming Festival memorial activities with the theme of “remembering the revolutionary martyrs and carrying forward the revolutionary spirit”. They deeply remembered the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs and carried forward the noble spirit of inheriting the revolutionary martyrs.Solemn memorial activities, party members spontaneous cleaning “Ding Ling martyrs monument” under the fallen leaves, sorting out the monument.After cleaning, two party members on behalf of the flower basket, all staff with respect to revolutionary martyrs, collective silence, bow, offer flowers.Later, under the leadership of the secretary of the Party organization in Baima Community, facing the party flag, we reviewed the pledge of party membership and the solemn commitment and firm determination of the pledge.Through the simple memorial ceremony, the revolutionary martyrs expressed deep sorrow and endless memory.Remembering the martyrs, to remember, more inheritance.Through the qingming festival, to encourage party members and cadres to remember history, and to deepen the sense of responsibility and mission of each party member and cadre.In the next step, Nanping Street Baima community will continue to vigorously promote changing customs, advocate a civilized and low-carbon sacrificial way to express grief, and form a new fashion of environmental protection and civilized sacrifice.