Shanghai mobile tail 999 beautiful number price

2022-05-29 0 By

Handle mobile 999 beautiful number, spend how much money can do, find the right way, need not spend a penny, can not find the way, may have to spend the money of poor information.Here only said the new number, the old number can not transfer, each number is unique, the price of the old number is not easy to set, according to the owner’s preference, if the number of the owner feel good, may be the price high.Additional transfer is more troublesome, still get both sides to the spot, just ok.The benefits of the new number, that is, do not need to premium purchase, only need to commit to the minimum monthly consumption, you can handle, because the number of quality is less, in order to better send allocation of resources, with market demand, this kind of beautiful number, in the minimum consumption and agreement period, is longer and more expensive than the ordinary number.Take Shanghai mobile as an example, do not take 4 999 beautiful number, no minimum consumption is 400 yuan, 10 years an agreement period!136818509991368186299913681873999136818709991368180299913681727999136819269991368192799913681907999136819679991368193299913681937999