“When the city is in progress” traffic police departments to increase the urban truck agricultural vehicles restricted management efforts

2022-05-29 0 By

Since the beginning of the year, the city’s traffic police department has intensified the urban truck, agricultural vehicles (including tractors) restrictions management, and organized and deployed the police force to urban agricultural tricycles illegally manned, occupying the sidewalk to carry out centralized governance, to refuse to leave the “zombie car” towed or exposed, to help the city to create work.In order to further promote the work of creating a city and provide a good road traffic environment for citizens to travel, the traffic police department limited the driving area of trucks and agricultural vehicles (including tractors) in the city by announcement.Combined with the actual area of the police to carry out round-the-weather centralized rectification action, strict inspection of urban trucks, agricultural vehicles (including tractors) disorderly parking illegal behavior, and the occupation of the sidewalk truck to persuade away.It is understood that most of the city’s agricultural vehicles (including tractors) are consciously comply with the relevant provisions, but there are also some drivers holding lucky psychology, driving on urban roads, illegal parking.During the inspection, it was found that some agricultural vehicle bodies were covered with mud and dust, and the license plates and lights were covered by dust so that they could not be seen. There were no warning and safety signs installed, so the traffic police department investigated and dealt with them according to law.
Cockscomb traffic police brigade three squadron deputy squadron captain Zhang Zedong told reporters, according to the “road traffic safety law” 55 provisions, the city center city road ban tractor driving.On the road where tractors are allowed, only
In freight transport, persons are prohibited.They in accordance with the requirements and deployment of urban work, increase the management of agricultural machinery and vehicles, at the same time will be illegal parking, reverse parking and other illegal acts of unified governance, purify urban road traffic order,
For jixi chuangcheng refueling power.Reporter Xue Jianhong, Zhang Yu