A number of family cluster cases have appeared in one place in China, shutdown, delay, prevention and control upgrade!

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Suzhou added 19 +7 cases!Suzhou Circular No. 25 of 2022 on COVID-19 Prevention and Control: From 00:00 to 24:00 on February 18, suzhou reported 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (including 6 asymptomatic cases) and 7 asymptomatic cases.As of 24:00 On February 18, a total of 65 confirmed cases and 22 asymptomatic cases had been reported in Suzhou. All of them are being treated in isolation in designated medical institutions.According to the details and movements of cases released by Suzhou on March 19, there were many family clusters of cases. For example, the confirmed case 55 is a student from Jingcheng Primary School and the daughter of confirmed case 54.Confirmed case 58 is the wife of confirmed case 34.At the same time, there were multiple confirmed cases in suzhou Industrial Park. For example, 47 confirmed cases lived in the dormitory of Jinglong Living Area in Suzhou Industrial Park and worked for Jinglong Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD., while 58 confirmed cases lived in Lakeside Tiancheng in Suzhou Industrial Park and worked for Jinglong Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD.Fifty-one confirmed cases are staff members of Longwen Education in Suzhou Industrial Park.The 53 confirmed cases live in the famous residence of Waldorf Road, Greenland, Suzhou Industrial Park, and work for Ingersoll Rand (China) Industrial Equipment Co., LTD.The 54 confirmed cases lived in Huajing Garden, Suzhou Industrial Park, and worked for Guofa International Building Decoration Engineering Co., LTD.Gu Haidong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Government, held a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province on February 18.As of 15, 18, suzhou city of sealing centralization area, control area and prevent 108, than press conference yesterday released the number of (93) added 15, including sealing centralization 48 (relating to the suzhou industrial park, 13, wujiang 5, 11, 11 gusu, wuzhong changshu city 2, phase 3, zhangjiagang, 3),Control section 53 (involving in wujiang, suzhou industrial park, 23, 7, 12, wuzhong gusu city 4, phase 3 2, changshu, zhangjiagang, 2), prevent area 7 (involved in suzhou industrial park, gusu zone, wujiang city, jiangling, pine hill street, street, mudu wuzhong district guo lane street town west across the pond village).Up to now, suzhou city has a total of 41 medium risk areas.According to a notice issued by suzhou’s Landscape and greening Management Bureau on Monday, some garden scenic spots in Suzhou have been temporarily closed since February 19.Tiger Hill (including Wufeng Garden), Lingering Garden (including Art Garden), Humble Administrator’s Garden (including Huanxiu Villa), Shizi Lin (including Yi Garden), Ou Garden, Master of Nets Garden, Canglang Pavilion (including Ke Garden), Tianping Mountain, Botanical Garden (Including Shangfangshan National Forest Park), zoo and other garden scenic spots will be temporarily closed until further notice.Suzhou center, many stores closed to cooperate with the government controls, mall in suzhou, suzhou green treasure square impression, suzhou city, lake suzhou dongwu Yin aeon dream city of suzhou industrial park koto, aeon joy city of suzhou wuzhong, aeon dream joy city in suzhou new district such as suspension of business from now on, to restore business hours prior notice.Suzhou high school entrance examination registration time delay!Suzhou Education Examination Institute announced on Feb 19 that it will postpone registration for the 2022 high school entrance examination in suzhou.For the implementation of the suzhou municipal party committee, municipal government about will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and deployment requirements, earnestly do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work, in view of the current epidemic situation, through research, decided to postpone the suzhou city 2022 annual examination time signing up (including fresh graduates and past life), specific arrangement without prior notice, please test takers to wait.Cancellation, closure, kunshan prevention and control upgrade!Official notification yesterday, kunshan, in view of the current epidemic situation, according to the State Council to COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading mechanism maintaining “about the COVID – 19 outbreak of community prevention and control plan notice and the notice requirements, epidemic prevention and control of suzhou city series will now matters related to notice the following: a, comprehensively strengthen social controls, cancel all kinds of public gathering sexual activity;Cinemas, chess and card rooms, Internet cafes, KTV, game halls, bars, foot baths, bathrooms, billiard rooms and other closed places will be temporarily closed;Offline training institutions will be suspended.2. Strengthen the management of key areas, strictly manage the entrance and exit of communities (villages), set up inspection points scientifically, and do a good job in the inspection of personnel;All residents should actively cooperate with the “two checks, one test and one scan” (check the “Sukang code”, check the wearing mask, take the temperature, and scan the “Lu Lutong” code) and regional nucleic acid testing.3. Control the number of shoppers in shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other places that supply basic necessities, advocate no-contact delivery, and avoid crowds gathering.Online and offline pharmacies have suspended sales of four categories of epidemic monitoring drugs, including antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral and antibiotic.Iv. Strengthen public transport control, and strictly measure the temperature and code check of taxis and buses, and standardize the wearing of masks.Take taxi, advocate scanning epidemic prevention “two-dimensional code”, scan code registration.5. In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, do not take public transportation and go to the nearest fever clinic without taking personal protection.6. Persons with travel history in cities or districts (municipalities directly under the Central Government) located in medium-high risk areas or in other low-risk areas (municipalities directly under the Central Government) recently affected by local epidemics shall report to their communities (villages) and units as soon as possible, provide negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours, and cooperate in implementing relevant epidemic prevention requirements.Seventh, the general public is requested to enhance the sense of responsibility of self-protection and protection of others, earnestly do not leave the kunming when it is not necessary, consciously do not go out, do not visit, do not cluster, do not gather, encourage people who can work at home.Viii. Those who conceal, falsely report or forge epidemic information, hinder epidemic prevention and control or cause other serious consequences, will be severely investigated by the public security organs in accordance with the law.Please observe the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, adhere to good hygiene habits such as “wearing masks, washing hands frequently, one meter of noodles, more ventilation, frequent disinfection, no congregations and use of chopsticks”, take good personal protection, carry out independent health monitoring, and receive novel Coronavirus vaccine in time.At 01:21 am on February 19, The Jindong District CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention received notification from relevant parties that a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, Ou Xx, was living in Our district.Upon receiving the report, Jindong District CDC and relevant departments immediately carried out investigation and disposal, and all the sub-close contacts identified had been put under control as required.On the afternoon of February 18, 2022, the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Taishun County was informed that a returnee from Another province in Taishun County had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case and was judged to be a close contact.Up to now, the close contact has been quarantined for medical observation in Our county, and the first nucleic acid test result was negative. All the sub-close contacts detected in our county have been quarantined in accordance with relevant regulations, and the relevant places involved have been destroyed.The number of newly confirmed cases in neighboring countries and regions has continued to rise rapidly in the past week, increasing pressure on China to prevent imported cases from entering the country, Said Mi Feng, spokesman for the National Health Commission (NHC) at a press conference on Monday.At present, local clusters of cases are still occurring, and the risk of the spread of the epidemic continues as people return home after the Holiday and resume work and production.We must always adhere to the general strategy of “preventing imported cases from abroad and preventing rebound at home” and the general policy of “dynamic zero-out”, overcome paralysis and slack mentality, and carry out precise epidemic prevention and control.Said at the meeting, suzhou, jiangsu province disease gene sequencing results for Mr Mick Dijon variants, outside is a new input source caused by local outbreaks, at present is still in the stage of rapid development, local is to speed up the flow adjustable back work, enlarge the DNA screening of risk areas, strengthen the screening work personnel in key sites, to prevent epidemic spread further.Source | rednet (