Meghan markle wanted to make a comeback to the UK, but was accused of not understanding royal rules and losing face as a former princess

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After spending so much time with her parents in the US, Meghan And Harry are starting to miss life back in the UK.Although there are many royal restrictions, the feeling of being followed by others is also wonderful, especially for Meghan, a common girl who has finally realized her dream of being a royal. Once she has it, she will probably never forget it.So harry has to work with his wife Meghan to grab the royal family’s attention and not be forgotten so quickly.Queen Elizabeth may not be too soft on her grandson, but perhaps she thinks Harry is just a stray who was accidentally led astray by Meghan and hopes he will one day get over it.Megan from the queen to her frequently and righteous man harry for the royal family with a kind attitude, after all the more haughty, thinks he may go sideways, unexpectedly, it urged harry to protect his wife and children in the name of the case against the British police, said that the other party is not given to security to his family treatment, megan and children due to the personal safety not guaranteed to be returned to England.Harry and Meghan left the royal family without looking back, saying they wanted to live a normal life, and now they have no qualms about asking for royal security?Harry was born a prince and probably has no idea what it’s like for ordinary people, but after just a few years as Cinderella, Meghan can’t forget what it’s like to walk down the street and not be seen by anyone so quickly.British police comes around, and see no less over the years dealing with the royal family, harry has not been threatened to Sue scared, 2 will also clear the matter big probability is megan make of ghost, so direct bar back, please ask before prince harry filed wife megan went to college, Scotland Yard as the government can force employed by the masses?This is a very good and subtle response. We only serve serving royals, so you ex-royals can go fuck yourself.Harry only went to high school and doesn’t know this, just ask Meghan who went to university!It takes just a few words to make this farce a reality. Harry is not highly educated.But Meghan, an American, does not understand the rules of the British royal family. Scotland Yard, as a British government agency, serves the British monarch and the royal family. Harry and Meghan have given up their royal identity, so why should they protect it?Meghan wants to play the domineer princess aura, but there is no such thing as unearned perfection, both want to face and want the inside, not to talk about obligations of the right is playing rogue.It’s a bit of a poor man getting rich.But it could also be a deliberate ploy by Meghan to bring the royal family into line.If the queen wants to meet Meghan, Archie and Lilybay, she needs to show enough sincerity to let them go back in style and enjoy all the glory. If she doesn’t compromise, then Meghan doesn’t need to bear the blame. No security is the best reason not to go back.As for success or not, meghan will reap a huge amount of attention and heat, making eye economics a breeze.I don’t know if Harry is lucky or unlucky to have such a smart wife who can make a living.Original article, like please like and follow