Snow is white/original poem by Zhao Yinchen

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Snow really Bai Wen/Zhao Yinchen north wind waft snowflakes to cold to static to pure I eagerly home ah the ropes on the same path wandering half part the heart, always hope in hometown moon alone embrace that platanus acerifolia tung flowers in a dream is like a lamp that fill a cup of bitter sweet wine wine for agony and father to his mother for all in heaven so close to you,My concern today New Year’s Eve…There are some mysterious even words are jumping joy and I only care about snow because you bite my ears on New Year’s Eve if it snows you will come to my hometown to see me so I wait for you in my former residence I put the plane trees covered with red lanterns I wait for you under the tree…The bigger the snow is like fluttering white butterflies, white butterflies everywhere….January 31, 2022 Xinchou New Year’s EveEver used pen name Yu Xiao.Since 1974, he has published many poems, essays and reports in major newspapers and periodicals. His works include poetry collection “Traveling with You”, large reportage collection “Earth Weaver”, “Backbone”, “Paving Stone” and “Burning”, etc.He was the president and editor-in-chief of Economic Promotion Newspaper and the president of Fortune Times.Currently he is the chairman of Shandong Enterprise Group Overseas Exhibition Promotion Association, the chairman of The World Lushang Business Co., LTD., the chairman of the World Confucian Business Group (Shandong).