20 years old Zhang Zifeng is more and more beautiful!You can’t stop your girly charm in a dress with long legs

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Talking about zifeng zhang, the sweet, temperament conspicuous actress but everyone in the heart of “national sister”, whether in “aftershock” or “fast and take away my brother” and so on in the film, can feel the child maple sister acting, as well as the understanding of the role, from the expression, an air lines to bring the audience a deep impression.A group of zhang Zifeng fashion cover, once again feel her fashion expression.In this group photo, zifeng zhang very nifty dress, a light green coat with light color denim shorts, stamped on the black shoes, a spring feeling of sweet atmosphere, especially zifeng zhang face blush very rob mirror, makeup look up for whole added a little breath of spring, 20-year-old girl absolutely too energetic.Change after the green dress, zifeng zhang body zi, dress up fashionable restore ancient ways, a pair of big long legs slender straight very rob mirror, can always go after little fresh line zifeng zhang to change the style, even the temperament is different, the people have a feeling of charming is spruce clever, former neighbor become elegant and charming little sister younger sister, really let a person shine at the moment.The body after wearing green dress very expressive, have to say zifeng zhang lens flu is very full, very will hold the role of emotions, sitting on the props of she has a unique kind of tong qu, and bring their own nifty, the 20-year-old girl should have lively and gentle show incisively and vividly, some might say about love love zifeng zhang, indeed as expected even wear take a style is more feminine flavour.With young artists YanXu jia relationship into mystery, zifeng zhang on this relationship throughout not to respond, so the Internet appeared two kinds of sound, a support zifeng zhang love freedom, 20, she can choose to like the boy, the other is a against with YanXu zifeng zhang jia love, believe that her best time you ought to have a good spell career,Some netizens even fell off the fan once.Anyway, I think zhang zifeng’s love affair is a private matter. As an actress, she just needs to present better and more touching works to us.In this group of photo covers, we can feel zhang Zifeng full spring breath, no matter from makeup to dress, from mood to expression, are interpreting their own fashion attitude.See zifeng zhang is wearing a black leather skirt, lying there quietly, pink and black formed a strong visual impact, maple sister every time looking at the ceiling as thoughtful, like miss my distant lover, one foot wearing socks and the other foot did not wear, the atmosphere of whole modelling all show lazy feeling, very accord with zifeng zhang temperament of this kind of little sister next door.From a child star to a popular young woman born after 2000, Zhang Zifeng has gone very smoothly, seemingly smoothly behind her own efforts.While other children only know superficial when filming, Zhang Zifeng has understood the inner drama of the role in advance, deeply understand the meaning of the play, only in this way to better interpret it.It’s not so much zhang zifeng’s high starting point as her talent and aura in acting.Wearing a black leather jacket and green dress collocation, zifeng zhang sat on the props all show good figure, once upon a time is a little girl next door, dashing rebellious little sister is now 20 years old, I think this transformation is not abrupt, after all, as an actress, a photo shoot already can try out different styles and shapes, maple sister son didn’t disappoint us this time.Maybe some people are naturally suitable for the big screen, delicate facial features, childlike face, in her eyes can feel rare confidence and calm, no matter how the relationship goes, we hope Zhang Zifeng continue to present better works for us as an actress.# Zhang Zifeng good legs ## Zhang Zifeng ## Zhang Zifeng beautiful close-up ## Zhang Zifeng girl feeling ## Zhang Zifeng photo blockbuster #