Why did President Xi Jinping visit these two villages in Shanxi during his 10th Spring Festival visit

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Photo taken on Jan. 26, 2018 shows snow in Linfen, Shanxi Province, on the 24th day of the 12th lunar month.In the afternoon, Xi visited two local villages despite snow.Since 2013, every year on the eve of the Spring Festival, the General Secretary has visited officials and the public at the grassroots level and sent them his Best wishes.This is the tenth year.His concern, as always.His care reached right to the heart.This is the third time for Xi to visit Shanxi since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.In June 2017, ahead of the 19th CPC National Congress, the General Secretary visited Shanxi and presided over a symposium on poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas.In May 2020, the general Secretary returned to Shanxi during his fourth visit to Beijing after the outbreak.In the Loess Plateau after snow, the terraced fields are clearly visible and picturesque.(Photo by Kang Xiaoyu, ZHU Ruifeng) On the afternoon of January 26, Xi visited Fengnanyuan Village in Shizhuang Township of Huozhou City to learn about post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, replanting in autumn and winter, and ensuring people’s safety and warmth in winter.There are 151 households and 366 people in The village.Last October, Shanxi experienced the strongest autumn floods ever recorded.The city of Huozhou was severely affected, with roads collapsing, landslides and houses collapsing in many places.Most of the houses in Fengnanyuan village were built in the 1970s, with brick and soil structures and earthen roofs.The continuous heavy rainfall last year caused 29 houses of 19 households in the village to collapse and 65 houses of 42 households to be severely damaged.▽ The reconstruction of The village of Fengnamyuan.(CCTV reporter Peng Hanming) After the disaster, the local people were quickly evacuated and dispersed.After the autumn flood, and immediately started the post-disaster reconstruction.Zhu Ruihua, party secretary of Shizhuang township, told Current Politics News Eye that “prefabricated housing” has played an important role in post-disaster reconstruction.It is the standard production of steel mold components by the prefabrication factory, not only excellent quality, but also can be quickly installed, greatly improving the construction efficiency.Two months later, the renovation and reconstruction of fengnanyuan village was completed, and all the affected villagers moved into new homes.The steel formwork used in prefabricated housing can be recycled, saving a lot of scaffolding and wood resources, reflecting energy conservation and environmental protection.(CCTV reporter Wang Bing) With the Spring Festival approaching, the local government has increased subsidies for clean coal and purchased heating equipment for some villagers to ensure the safety and warmth of the whole village during the winter.Red peppers hung in the air in a village yard are a perfect match for the Character fu.(Photo by CCTV reporter Shi Weiming) Autumn flood occurs during the critical period of harvest and planting.How to replant food crops is another difficult problem.The village leads the villagers one by one plot to find out the mature time of autumn grain crops and accelerate the progress of autumn harvest.In plots with suitable moisture content, wheat sowing was promoted by stubble pressure.The ground doesn’t freeze. Just plant.An experienced villager said, “Before winter, one needle of wheat will yield 800 jin annually.”△ Abundance, with the ancient “abundance”, meaning full harvest.(Photo by CCTV reporter Yang Bo) In Fengnanyuan Village, Xi said that people in the quake-hit areas have always been on his mind. Today, he came here as his first stop in Shanxi Province to have a first-hand look at the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the victims of the earthquake, saying, We must make a good year!A review of Xi jinping’s visit to China before the Spring Festival in the past decade shows that post-disaster reconstruction is a great concern to him.In February 2013, Xi visited Dongxiang Autonomous County in Gansu province on his first pre-Spring Festival inspection trip as general secretary.In March 2011, two-thirds of dongxiang county suffered cracks and collapses due to landslides.At the reconstruction site, Xi called for overall planning, safe construction and ensuring progress and quality.In February 2018, Xi jinping, who was on an inspection tour in Sichuan, made a special trip to Yingxiu Town in Wenchuan County, the epicenter of the devastating Wenchuan earthquake, to hear a report on post-disaster recovery, reconstruction and development.Disaster merciless, the world has love.In the past ten years, post-disaster reconstruction in gansu, Sichuan and Shanxi provinces has demonstrated the superiority of the system of “concentrating resources to accomplish major tasks”, embodying the Original aspiration of the Communist Party of “enabling the people to live a better life”.On the eve of the Spring Festival, general Secretary Xi Jinping visited the disaster-hit people to inspect reconstruction, ask about replanting and pay attention to the winter, which not only warmed people’s hearts but also conveyed confidence.Complex 63 – year – old Fengnanyuan village villagers shihongbing, is the fall flood last year affected people.He told Current Affairs News Eye that his family’s original four brick kiln houses collapsed in the rain.The newly moved prefabricated house is two bungalows with a total of 50 square meters. The total reconstruction cost is 100,000 yuan.Mr. Shi said he paid 12,000 yuan himself, with the rest coming from government subsidies and social assistance.Red soldiers of the division are standing in front of the new house.(CCTV reporter Peng Hanming photo) The Spring Festival is coming. Shi Hongbing’s home is warm and harmonious. His family is making nian Mo.In most parts of Shanxi, there is a saying that the steamed bun comes out of the cage and tastes strong.A bowl of noodles, a ladle of water, a pair of hands, a fire, can be steamed jujube flowers, birds, fish, tigers and other various nian mo.Zhu Haidan, Wife of Shi Hongbing, said that moving into a new house this year, the smell of the steamed bun, added a sweet.Shi Hong-byeong (first from right) and his wife Ju Hae-dan (second from right) are making nian mo.(Taken by CCTV reporter Lu Xinyu) The tiger shape of Nien Mo is vivid and colorful.(Photo by CCTV reporter Wang Bing) On the same day, Xi visited the red Army of the Division, cooked Nian Mo together and sat down with a family to chat.He said the party and the government should continue to help villagers solve any difficulties they still have in production and living.▷ The division is busy in the kitchen.(Photo by Li Jin, media reporter) “What the people are worried about, I will read;I will do what the people desire.”Mr Xi has repeatedly spoken of his “rural passion”.In this year’s New Year message, the general secretary once again said, “I am also from the countryside, and I have a personal experience of poverty.”In a review of xi’s 10 pre-Spring Festival visits, Political News Eye found that six of the first stops xi made were in rural areas — Yuangudui village in Gansu province in 2013; Liangjiahe village in Shaanxi province in 2015; Desheng village in Hebei province in 2017; Sanhe village in Sichuan Province in 2018; Simola village in Yunnan province in 2020; and Fengnanyuan village in Shanxi Province this year.A sign in the distance of the newly renovated road in The village reads, Build a beautiful village and share a beautiful life.(Photo by CCTV reporter Ma Chao) Looking back on his long journey, Xi jinping said: “I have studied and listened to a lot of information about some places, which is inspiring and fruitful.Whenever I visit people’s homes, I often ask them if there are any difficulties. I always keep in mind what my fellow villagers have said.The General Secretary said: “We of this generation have such a complex that we must give our people, especially our farmers, a hand.”From the people, for the people, and for the people — this is where our roots come from and our love for each other rests.Connecting Fenxi county in the Luliang mountain area, was one of China’s 14 concentrated contiguous areas of extreme poverty.In June 2017, Xi paid a visit to Mianmian Luliang.The trip to Luliang realized his long-cherished wish to visit 14 contiguous impoverished areas throughout the country.On the afternoon of January 26 this year, the general Secretary came to Fenxi County Sengnian Town section village, focusing on the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements, continuing to promote rural revitalization and other conditions.Overlooking the village.Duan Village has 6 natural villages, with a total of 595 households and 1627 people. In December 2019, the whole village was lifted out of poverty. At present, there are 3 people in one monitored household.”Efforts to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation efforts should be effectively linked to rural vitalization, and dynamic monitoring and assistance should be strengthened.”This is what Xi jinping said when visiting officials and people of various ethnic groups in Guizhou province on the eve of last year’s Spring Festival.▽ The New Year atmosphere is strong in dancun.(Photo by CCTV reporter Yang Bo) How to bridge the gap and consolidate poverty alleviation achievements?Duan Village’s approach is to develop rich people’s industry, from the past corn cultivation, to the present planting, breeding, fruit, photovoltaic and other diversified industries.Last year, the village’s per capita disposable income reached 12,000 yuan.In recent years, Xi jinping has paid close attention to local industries with distinctive advantages during his visits to China.”To revitalize rural areas, it is key to select industries that will enrich the people in accordance with local conditions,” he said.Workers are feeding cattle at the Danchon Cooperative cattle farm.(Taken by Pan Yi, reporter of CENTRAL Radio) duan Village has a 100 kW village-level PHOTOVOLTAIC power station.(Photo by CCTV’s Kang Xiaoyu and Zhu Ruifeng) On the same day, Xi visited CAI Wenming at her home in Duan Village.Relying on sheep farming and migrant work, CAI’s family escaped poverty in 2016.The family earned about 63,000 yuan last year.The more than 90 sheep CAI and his wife raise alone bring in nearly 40,000 yuan.Chae Mun-myeong and his wife are pictured with their eldest daughter Chae Myeon (third from left) and their son Chae Kim (first from right).(Photo by Lee Jin, media reporter) Black and white goat.(Taken by CCTV reporter Xing Bin) CAI Jin, son of CAI Wenming, works in an electronics factory in Jiangsu province and earned 20,000 yuan last year.As the Spring Festival approached, CAI Jin went home early to visit her 10-month-old daughter.The family sticks the word “fu”, stews spare ribs and steamed steamed buns. In the familiar ritual sense, they taste the thick Lunar New Year flavor and feel full of happiness.Chae Kim laughs with her daughter through a window.(Photo by DUAN Dewen, CCTV reporter) How does the transition from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization work?The people are the final judge.At the end of last year, Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to study agriculture, rural areas and farmers.He pointed out that the prerequisite for rural vitalization is to consolidate the achievements made in poverty alleviation, and that efforts should be made continuously to improve the lives of those who have been lifted out of poverty.We must ensure that no large-scale return to poverty will occur, and earnestly safeguard and consolidate the great achievements in the battle against poverty.Chae s family makes braised spare ribs, nian mo, braised pork in brown sauce, and crispy pork.Xi jinping has repeatedly stressed that the depth, breadth and difficulty of implementing the rural revitalization strategy is no less than poverty alleviation.One of the key tasks is to strengthen and improve rural governance.From accelerating the construction of rural governance system under the leadership of the Party organization, further promoting the construction of safe rural, to the innovation of rural governance, all tests the level of rural governance.△ Duanchun Party-mass Service Center.In Duancun, General Secretary Xi Jinping also inspected the strengthening of party building at the grassroots level.Village party branch established “one about four meetings” mode.The “one covenant” is the village regulation and people’s covenant, and the “four associations” are the Red and White Council, the villagers’ Council, the Ethics Council, and the anti-drug and gambling Council.The rural governance of duan Village is the combination of autonomy, rule by law and rule by virtue.Each has a list of contact information for village officials and other functional departments such as water, electricity, medical and police.All it takes is a phone call.Duan Village convenience service Center provides certificate agent, civil mediation, civilization construction and other services.(Central station reporter Pan Yi photo) to build room, first treat its base.During his visits ahead of the Spring Festival for ten consecutive years, Xi jinping has always focused on grassroots governance.During an inspection tour in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, in January 2017, the general Secretary stressed the need to strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations in rural areas, so that party branches can better play the role of battleground, become the backbone of leading farmers out of poverty and get rich, and do the villagers’ affairs well.During an inspection trip to Guizhou in February last year, the General Secretary pointed out that when the community level is strong, the country will be strong, and when the community level is safe, the world will be safe. We must do a good job of modernizing community-level governance.There is a “Fuzhi Post station” in the Duancun Party-mass Service center, where villagers can exchange points for small goods.(Taken by Pan Yi, CCTV reporter, Guo Xiaolong) Now, all school-age children in Duan Village go to school nearby, and the participation rate of villagers’ medical insurance reaches 100%.The main roads in the village have been hardened, tap water has been connected to households, and 4G network has been fully covered.Only by doing a good job in rural governance and ensuring people’s wellbeing will the people have a greater sense of gain.▽ Gong and drum performance in Danchon.(desk CCTV reporter xiao-long guo filmed) in the period of the village the village culture square, xi jinping, general secretary said to the villagers, the construction of modern country depends on agriculture and rural areas modernization, to continue to strengthen poverty engines, promoting rural revitalization, let the life to the next level, more walk more in promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas have to look forward.Xi Jinping: Make rural life towards modernization, more and more ambitious to do a good job in the rural revitalization strategy, to achieve a new journey of common prosperity, to create a modern version of the “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling Map” with its own characteristics.Bear in mind the general secretary’s entrust, bear in mind the great wish of the Chinese people, live up to the expectations of the villagers, and move forward together!Production Supervisor | Shen Yong, Gong Xuehui, chief writer | Yu Zhenyi, Reporter | Zhang Xiaopeng, Pan Yi, Lu Xinyu, Li Jin, Yang Bo, Vision | Chen Kuo, Zhang Jing, Qi Huan, Editor | Wang Zun