I am in the West nong festival | New Year’s couplet waiting for you to write!

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I will not go home for the Spring Festival this year, I will spend the Spring Festival in The West Nong district. The New Year is coming. Sing songs everywhere, and the tiger will soar to the skyAll students and teachers stay in school on January 29 (the 27th day of the 12th lunar month) 15:00-17:00 tiger activity location: North campus: East super second floor Chuangga South Campus: Ethnic restaurant tiger notes year 1.Xi Nong er who stays in school can create Spring Festival couplets by his own imagination, the content can be positive and lively;2. Please do a good job of personal epidemic prevention, obey the staff arrangements, please do not crowd, in order to prevent dirty clothes niu Hao embellish qiqiuye tiger stick open thousands of miles wish the New Year xiannong ER can be blessed, everything is meant to xiannong happy New Year!Text: Zheng Chenxing editor: Li Zijie final: Gao Yuan