Spring conscription physical examination work, start!

2022-06-01 0 By

At present, Lingshan county spring conscription work has fully entered the stage of preliminary examination of the township level.On February 9, Ren Zhenqiang, deputy leader of the conscription leading group of Lingshan County and political commissator of the county’s human and Armed Forces Department, visited Lingcheng subdistrict, Xinwei, Fozi and other towns to inspect and guide the conscription work.According to county conscription office work deployment, lingshan since February 9 groups at the beginning of school-age youth of the country, towns (street), attaches great importance to establish related work plan as early as possible, as soon as possible to carry out the site, medical personnel and staff training soldiers check ahead of time, earnestly do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of various early to ensure that the draft inspection smoothly as scheduled.Lingcheng, Xinwei and Fozi have a large number of young applicants this year, with more than 100 applicants, and more than 60% of them have a college education level or above.Ren Zhenqiang carefully check the units of the initial inspection situation, listened to the work report, confirmed the towns (streets) before the stage of the work, asked the towns (streets) to further strengthen the work measures, mobilize more college students to sign up for the recruitment, to ensure the quality of soldiers.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid testing of young applicants should be carried out strictly, prevention and control measures should be implemented, and physical examinations of young people of appropriate age should be carefully organized.The staff to participate in the military inspection to unity and cooperation, strict standards, strict control, selected high-quality school-age youth to participate in the county general inspection general review.(Lin Hongyu ding Ximing) Source: Lingshan County Rong Media Center Editor: Huang Xinle proofread: Huang Daming review: Chen Tianyong Lingshan County Party Committee propaganda Department