24,000 square meters of wasteland turned into a green park

2022-06-02 0 By

Recently, a long-abandoned vacant land on the north side of Jiangnan Star residential area in Beigan Street ushered in a new life. A green park with a total area of about 24405 square meters appeared in front of everyone.This collection of leisure entertainment, sports fitness, sightseeing functions in one of the landscape, is now completed.The green park is adjacent to Beitang River in the north, Bo ‘ao Road and Bridge in the east and Beitang River green in the west, which is implemented by the municipal green maintenance and Security Center of the District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau.The overall design adopts gray and white lines, symbolizing the waves of qiantang River, and divides the management service area, leisure and entertainment area, children’s rest area, sports and fitness area, etc. The overall green space is diversified and ecological.Into the green park, the first thing you see is the use of gray and white color pavement ground, ecological stone, yuhua stone, gray plastic walking path and other style change but integrated, do a scene, clear hierarchy.In addition, the fitness and entertainment facilities and management service facilities in the site are complete, and each functional space is organically integrated, providing a good place for leisure and entertainment for the public.In terms of detail setting, the green park designs water sculpture at the pedestrian entrance to focus the sight while making clear the entrance logo.Along the way, sports sculptures with the theme of “All people welcome Asian Games” were set up to fully highlight the sports culture atmosphere of welcoming hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.Stainless steel signs with various prompts, LED energy-saving lights and cameras are added to ensure the safety of citizens.Barrier-free ramps and other humanized design, for the park into a warm “temperature”.The secondary entrance of the park is connected with the Beitang walkway system through paving and garden road, making the natural transition from the green space of Beitang River to the park space.By tall trees, characteristic shrubs, natural grass and other green plants composed of distinct landscape pieces, and bring vigorous vitality to the park.It is worth mentioning that the park also has miniature children’s courts, basketball courts and tennis courts and other venues to meet the needs of the public’s fitness.The “national movement to welcome the Asian Games” is already spreading here.The park is scheduled to open in June.District municipal afforest protects center staff member to introduce to say.I believe that in the near future, it will become an excellent example of Xiaoshan Park green space, a brand new name card of beautiful Hangzhou.(Xiang Yaqiong he Zhehui) (Source: Xiaoshan District Government website of Hangzhou)