Hero invincible three death boots one

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First of all, thank God for the praise of 0629 brother, Jackjinyq brother, childe Night rain brother, thank you.Today is the beginning of the god of Death boots, I suddenly found that the campaign to finish for a long time oh, the practice of 200 difficulty, choose gold to start.January 1st week 1st.We had no money to start with, so instead we sent Jenny home with only seven men.The upshot is these evil eyes.With amnesia magic, you can easily fight wild, which is a bonus of the campaign.Then hire a secondary hero, leaving an initial force to explore.Khlyen heads out with his men, targeting the chest, then the quarry.Guard stone mine is wood elf, spell damage can only be taken.Upgrade after the war. Look at Crane’s skills. They’re perfect.Finally, I built the Office of internal Affairs at home. It was good to be rich. I had not been out of the office for the first time for several years.On January 12, Jenny continued her quest, walking very slowly without shoes.The deputy hero of the pathfinder hires the horse first, then gives the ring for nothing.It’s a light blue tent. Try again when you get a chance.Top left is the Green Guard, bottom left is the checkpoint manned by the Bone Dragon, crane to the right, ready to visit the water wheel.Build a market in your hometown, tech up if you have the money.On January 13th, Jenny explores the tomb, again using magic.Get 2,000 oceans and keep exploring.After visiting a stable, choose up.Crane found the waterwheel unguarded and handed it over to the second hero, who was on his way to the right to take the horse and treasure from the second hero.Start a magic guild back home.On January 4th Jenny went up to the djinn.The prophet above asked for 25 ghost dragons for holy boots, actually I want walking boots.And then there were these ghost dragons.Using slow down and teleportation of the difficult kite, doggedly left a horse.Further on was dragon’s bluff. Jennie was to be calm.Crane, on the more sedate side, visits the stables and only kills a pack of hungry wolves.A centaur with a stick, kind of brings his own dog stick?Next up are the gods and wizards.There will be buffs between them, which is easier in some ways.Build a blacksmith in my hometown, it’ll be over.On January 5th, Jenny will be able to dodge the green dragon’s charge using tactics, and then kill the green dragon with a single spell.Then recruit the green dragon, the fifth day of the opening of the green dragon, that is, the campaign to have some benefits.I found a problem, I do not have crystal, resources are not enough to exchange, buy a separate unexpectedly to 5000, speed with the deputy hero to find.Not only is there no crystal mine, but below it is brimstone guarded by the head of the ox, above it is the gem guarded by the thunderbirds…Look at our enemies, evil Eye, wood elves, goblins, tauren Kings, thunderbirds, they’re either long range or fast, that’s a little bullying, isn’t it?Helpless Jenny can only go home, home wait for a day of parliament.On January 16, Crane returned the troops to Jenny, ready to hire wood elves, and accidentally found a gold mine below.There is a pile of gold outside the mine. If it had been picked up yesterday, our parliament would have been healed.The fire elves move so fast, the centaurs line up and bless them.No mana, heavy losses, agni shield is the main damage.This is what I’ve been working on for a few days.On January 7, Jenny started to go home, crane hired wood elves, and the second hero went to wait for the horse, making the start of the level much harder than the last one.The family builds a log cabin to increase production next week.There’s a problem with the order, I’m missing a base camp, but I don’t want to reopen it, so that’s it, dragon Cliff, not crystal enough, no place to argue.If convenient, please pay attention to click on another “like”, for you may be easy, for me, this is a great support and encouragement, thank you!Click on my avatar to see more war reports. Thank you for reading.