“I do practical things for the masses” city civilization office into jincheng Vocational and technical college, help to create a civilized campus

2022-06-02 0 By

On December 17, the municipal civilization office and the municipal Education Bureau walked into jincheng Vocational and technical College to help guide the establishment of a civilized campus.The municipal government, 2 families with professional technology institute, head of the department director, the teacher has carried on the discussion, MoPai campus civilization, the problems of teachers and students is the eight negative list of creating civilized campus, stressed that the negative list check list in creating civilized campus plays a key role of a veto, colleges should deepen understanding, detailed contrast tests.The college conducted a self-check against the negative list and found no negative list.At the forum, the municipal civilization office also helped jincheng Vocational and technical College to participate in the establishment of jincheng civilized city volunteer service work.The students and teachers were encouraged to go into parks, squares, communities, streets and other public places to actively participate in environmental remediation, traffic advice, help guide and other volunteer services, to show the style of volunteers, to show the responsibility of volunteers.After the discussion, the city civilization office two section responsible person, the city education bureau staff looked at the Jincheng Vocational and technical Institute to create civilized campus materials, to create civilized campus materials to improve the arrangement of the explanation, to its rich atmosphere of the creation of clear items of the archive material to praise.At the same time, guide the school to issue the Implementation Plan for the Creation of civilized Campus, study specific measures to improve the problems existing in the creation of civilized campus, continue to promote the implementation of the creation of civilized campus, to provide effective guidance and practical guarantee for the creation of civilized campus.