Icing on the cake!A university in Hunan province has achieved a breakthrough by upgrading from a college to a university in two years

2022-06-02 0 By

Hunan province is an important province in China.In the process of construction and development in recent years, Hunan province has achieved very good economic development and construction by virtue of its advantageous geographical position, and has become a big economic province in China, which is also deeply welcomed and loved by people.In the field of education, Hunan province has quite good strength. There are many colleges and universities in the province, and the strength is quite strong.For example, National University of Defense Technology, Central South University and Hunan University are among the top universities in China.In addition, the selection of the double first-class Xiangtan University is also quite a strong university, but also deeply welcomed by people.In the past two years, Hunan province also attaches great importance to the development of higher education. In the past two years, it has not only increased its investment in some excellent colleges and universities, promoting their progress and development, but also a large number of new colleges and universities are like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, developing and growing, and the educational development is thriving.Recently, Hunan Institute of Engineering also held a relevant meeting, in which it mentioned the future development direction of the university: to ensure that the university becomes a master’s degree awarding unit in the next two years, strive to realize the leap-forward development from “college” to “university”, and comprehensively build a high-level application-oriented university of engineering with distinctive characteristics.Hunan Institute of Engineering is also a school with a long history.Founded in 1951, the school has a history of more than 70 years, which is quite profound.The school originated from Xiangtan Mechanical and Electrical College, which is a school under the Ministry of National Machinery Industry.Later, it merged with Hunan Textile College to become the present Hunan Institute of Engineering.School in engineering related field strength is fairly strong, but not have eight central and local construction of laboratory, and the school of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, electrical engineering and its automation is also a national characteristic to catch wild, a first-rate undergraduate major, so the name of the university of power is basic enough already.For students, this is also very good news. Compared with “university”, I believe that the vast majority of students prefer “university”, so the name change will attract more people to this excellent university and bring more outstanding talents to the school.In addition, this school is good at engineering, and engineering-related majors are also a hot major in the past two years, and the talent gap is relatively large, not only it is very easy to find employment, but also due to a large talent gap, salary and other aspects are very good.The university will also be a target for many students after its upgrade to university status.What do you think of this college?Feel free to leave your comments below.