In 2022, “Spring Breeze Action” will benefit taxpayers and their payers

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The reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation that in 2022, “I do practical things for taxpayers and facilitate the people to do tax Spring Breeze Action” has been launched, the first batch of 5 categories of 20 items of 80 facilitate the people to do tax payment measures, the follow-up will be improved according to new conditions and new needs.About in 2022, according to the state administration of taxation for taxpayers JiaoFeiRen “I do practical thing for them and for the convenience of tax spring breeze action” opinions “(hereinafter referred to as” opinions “), in 2022 “for taxpayers JiaoFeiRen I do practical thing for them and for the convenience of tax spring breeze action” (hereinafter referred to as the “spring breeze action”) will be “wisdom, tax to help develop hui qi, beneficial to steady growth” as the theme.Through the “Spring Breeze Action”, we will accelerate the construction of smart taxation, vigorously promote precise law enforcement, fine services, precise supervision and sincere joint governance, adhere to the principle of organizing tax revenue in accordance with the law, continue to deepen the reform of tax system “delegation, administration and service”, further strengthen tax supervision, and constantly optimize the tax business environment.After reviewing the Opinions, the reporter found that the “Spring Breeze Action” in 2022 will improve taxpayers’ experience in five aspects. First, it will respond faster to demand.It is reported that the tax authorities will optimize and upgrade the 12366 tax payment service hotline, basically realizing the transformation from “provincial general answer” to “front-line general answer” nationwide, from manual consultation to intelligent consultation, and from “separation of office and inquiry” to “coordination of office and inquiry”.It is worth noting that tax authorities will promote the transformation of tax payment software for aging, strengthen service guarantee for the elderly, the disabled and other special groups, optimize offline service processes, and provide one-stop comprehensive services and priority services.Second, the online office experience will be better.Tax authorities will continue to expand the list of items to be handled online for tax payment, expand the scope of trans-provincial electronic tax payment trials, and promote the issuance of tax payment certificates on the clear line to improve the convenience of obtaining tax certificates.At the same time, the processing of export tax rebates will be further accelerated, and the average processing time of normal export tax rebates will be further reduced from 7 working days to less than 6 working days.Third, classified services will be better.Tax authorities will provide more accurate and personalized classified tax payment services for large enterprises, small, medium and micro enterprises and natural persons.For example, tax authorities will further deepen cooperation in regulating the interaction between banks and taxes, and promote direct data connection between tax authorities and banking and insurance regulatory authorities on a pilot basis to further help small and micro businesses ease financing difficulties.For small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) and “small giants”, we will promote the implementation of the “one household, one subordinate” service measure to help enterprises develop high-quality.Fourth, law enforcement and supervision will be better.Tax authorities will further promote the tax law enforcement responsibility system, strengthen supervision of tax law enforcement, and continue to urge standardized and fair law enforcement.We will carry out trials of non-mandatory law enforcement in some areas to ensure that law enforcement is enforced with both intensity and warmth.To better protect the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers, we promoted the establishment of a “consultation and mediation center for tax-related disputes involving public officials lawyers”.Fifth, the depth of departmental coordination.Through data sharing with the SAFE office, tax authorities can shorten the total time for taxpayers to handle the tax filing and related business of foreign exchange payment to about 8 minutes.It has cooperated with market supervision and housing construction departments to provide integrated services such as business start-up and real estate transactions, and established the “one thing at a time” mode of “one-window acceptance, one-time collection, one-internet access and one-day settlement”. Up to now, a total of 13.35 million taxpayer payers have enjoyed the “package” service.”I believe that taxpayers must be able to pay from the above five aspects have a renewed feeling.”State Administration of Taxation related person said.Li Xuhong, director of the Institute of Fiscal and Tax Policy and Application at the National Institute of Accounting in Beijing, told People’s Daily online that the spring Breeze Campaign is an important measure to implement the people-oriented development philosophy and effectively improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of taxpayers and payers.From this year’s “spring breeze action” released by the action content, the tax authorities will action to focus on the wisdom of the tax this year construction, efforts to improve the ability of law enforcement, service, supervision, and work, fully embodies the thought of the tax authority to serve the people and determination, to improve the taxpayer, JiaoFeiRen tax compliance and satisfaction, and the collection efficiency of the taxation authority,More help to reduce the cost of both sides, create a good tax business environment, promote the establishment of a more modern tax governance system, so as to contribute to the high-quality economic development of tax power.