Mainland “Wu Mengda” Wei Xiang: From an unknown supporting role to a leading role, the 42-year-old is finally famous for the hit man

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This year’s Chinese New Year, “The Professional” bucked the trend. As a comedy, its selling point is that it is funny, and it is worth the price of admission.At the conference, Shen Teng bluntly: “Wei Xiang, is my biggest threat”.Ma Li said, “Only Mr. Wei Xiang can play this role.Why do you say that?Because Wei Xiang, who plays Wei Chenggong in the drama, has the same experience as Wei.Wei Xiang was born in 1979, the son of ordinary workers.Like other boys, Wei Xiang has been active and naughty since childhood.Every now and then he would break up the dishes in the house.But cheerful parents have always let him develop freely.Under such circumstances, Wei Xiang developed a cheerful personality, but also developed a very good physique.But at the age of 21, Wei xiang still had no dream. He just wanted to join the army.Later, he joined the political art troupe of chongqing Armed Police Corps. At that time, the army would hold some activities and they were required to perform, and wei Xiang was the one who performed the most.Because of the same comic face, wei Xiang’s performance in the army can always make such a dull life some vitality.Later, because of his comrade-in-arms: “Your performance is so good, it’s a pity not to be an actor.”This sentence slowly took root in Wei Xiang’s mind.Then, he was admitted to The Nortel higher vocational class, in nortel met the person who can change his fate — Shen Teng.2. At that time, Wei Xiang had no money and rented a house with Shen Teng, but he had a lifelong goal.He cherishes the practical experience and opportunity of stage performance.Seconds, minutes, cameos, supporting roles, he gave it his all.Starting in 2009, local Wife Is a stranger lang is his first screen role.There were few scenes, but the director saw his potential.The Breakup Guru, again, has gained a wave of fans with less screen time.The Richest man in Hong Kong.He is a football coach.In Goodbye Mr. Loser, he wasn’t even a supporting actor, just a voice.In “Hello, Li Huanying”, he is the “Master of Yin and Yang” field worker in the broadcasting station.Although some roles only lasted a few minutes, he managed to hold the scene and the audience with his precise sense of proportion and superb interpretation.Wei Xiang’s play road wide, can sprout can be silly can rape can cheat, take hold of the play but not rob the scene.Many even compared him to Wu Mengda.Wei Xiang, however, said, “Uncle Darius is a pioneer. Only when our predecessors plant trees can future generations enjoy the shade. I thank and respect them very much.In 2020, Wei xiang starred in my Girlfriend is a Robot, Warm Hug, Me and My Hometown and many other films.He has also appeared in films and TV series such as the Rich Diary (2021) and Guess If I’m a Hero.So many productions, so many years of supporting roles.”You can’t go 24 years just trying to make a name for yourself without the love of acting.”And he never thought about giving up.After 24 years of grinding, he finally got the chance to play the leading role.On The first day of the lunar New Year, Wei Xiang’s first film, The Killer Is Not Too Calm, hit the cinema.The film was three years in the making and the main character’s name is Wei Chenggong.This is a play within a play, a game within a game. Carl is Wei Chenggong and Wei Xiang.Actors and roles to help each other, life such as play, play such as life, supporting role finally when a leading role.In the play, the “director” tells Wei chenggong, “Don’t stop as long as you don’t call cut.””As long as the camera is there, as long as the character is there, I won’t stop,” Wei said.”This is my first male number one, and I will play him to the end.”Outside the play, Wei Xiang said: “The killer is not very calm, the actor must be calm.”It can be seen that Wei Xiang’s performance directly determines the success or failure of the film.Wei Xiang captures the comedic effect of the misplacement.Wei Xiang, as a small actor, perfectly portrays the small people.Ten years of sharpening a sword, as if years of preparation is for wei Chenggong this character.After the film was released, in the Spring Festival, a way out, became a real dark horse.And Wei Xiang, also finally red.”Whatever talent is made in heaven has its use;Fly without dreaming.”