Shanxi coking, chemical enterprises to upgrade supply and demand matchmaking meeting

2022-06-02 0 By

Yellow River News (reporter Zhou Yuli) On the morning of March 25, Shanxi Province coking, chemical enterprise transformation and upgrading supply and demand matchmaking meeting held in Taiyuan city, sponsored by Shanxi Province Department of Industry and Information technology.Conference, LuAn chemical machinery (group) co., LTD., taiyuan heavy industry co., LTD., shanxi Long Ding yuan heavy industry equipment co., LTD., the tripod engineering co., LTD., west small flat refractory material co., LTD., and other enterprises, respectively, introduction of coke oven machinery, elevator and dust removal system, non-standard pressure vessel, the coke oven furnace iron, sewage treatment operation mode,High quality silica brick, high thermal conductivity silica brick and other refractory materials.Heavy Weight Group and Lu ‘an Chemical Machinery respectively signed cooperation agreements with customer representatives, and the amount of on-site cooperation intention reached 3.15 billion yuan.”Hope businesses and entrepreneurs in the provincial government under the strong leadership, fields in today’s supply and demand for the new starting point and an opportunity to develop confidence and a stable outlook, in the difficult to seize opportunities, gain strength in the challenge, constantly improve product quality and level, bigger and stronger enterprise, create characteristic brand, played industrial enterprise power-and-power union, mutually beneficial and win-win good movement.In particular to hold fast to build the new development pattern and transform and upgrade traditional industry of big opportunity to build strong chain chain extending chain repair chain, improve local matching rate, enhance stability of the industrial chain and competitiveness, efforts to transform itself into a ‘specialization, new businesses and the industry’s leading enterprises, to promote the province’s industrial steady growth and make more contributions to the development of high quality as showing greater.”Provincial department of industry and information party members, deputy director, a level inspector Ma Yunxia said.