The past of borrowing money

2022-06-02 0 By

Speaking of borrowing money, is their own bitter tears.Family, friends, colleagues, I put out their own money, one by one to tell everyone about it.First of all, the friendship between friends and trust, above all, talking about money is a bit vulgar.My friend is in the real estate business, living it up, driving fancy cars and owning houses.And I have the same surname, in the play together for a long time, can be small.One day, said to me, brother with your small money, after two days of money to you, I promised.Really did not expect, when I saw him again, in the hospital is in the rescue, drink pesticide suicide, too much foreign debt, impulse the most close person hurt me the most, this sentence is not false.My own brother said he had an emergency and needed a little money on wechat. I turned around without saying a word!Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon.Say too much also become a man’s joke…Colleagues borrow money, of course.There is no living expenses, there is a pile of good words, to the last race like I screened!My dear friends, did I do the right thing?Past with the wind, pay also need not return!