A man transfers 1314 money to his wife on Valentine’s Day, leaving netizens pondering whose fault it is

2022-06-03 0 By

Valentine’s Day is a popular day for young men and women to express their love for each other, give gifts and even get a marriage license. However, some people simply give red envelopes in order to impress their appearance, and one man in Loudi, Hunan Province, surprised Internet users.On February 14, loudi, hunan province, a man give wife money transfer of valentine’s day video netizens attention, the thing is, a woman on valentine’s day, brush with a circle of friends, to see everyone else present in the show, and have a plenty of husband to send red envelopes, have a plenty of husband to buy cosmetics, and her husband said no.She immediately posted a message on her wechat moments, complaining that she had not received any gifts and reminding her husband to check it out. Her husband got the message and transferred 1,14-year-old yuan to his wife, along with a message saying “Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife” and a voice message.Women see transfer was still pretty happy, the results immediately be mad after open voice, is the content of the original voice, “you brought out a circle of friends, send out hurry up to send back the money, I will also car loans”, originally her husband transfer to come over just to let her cut a figure, send friends, send him also require refund the money after car loans.After listening to the voice, the woman replied, “Go, I don’t want to send it on moments, screenshots are a waste of my memory.”To this, the net friends also discuss in succession, the viewpoint is different.Some netizens said that this is the same type of husband, not romantic at all, is a real man.Some netizens said that sending red envelopes is the most careless gift on Valentine’s Day, and then returning them after sending them to moments, especially for couples. Red envelopes are my most hated gift, and this is the money from the left pocket to the right pocket, isn’t it?What’s the point?In fact, I appreciate such a passage, is said, “in fact, all festivals are not born for red envelopes and gifts, but to remind us, do not forget to love and be loved, in the long days, do not say forever, just say cherish.I really do not understand, valentine’s Day why must receive red envelopes and gifts?And why do men give red envelopes and gifts to women?See a news, said the woman to send a bunch of flowers to the man, the man is also very happy after receiving, more can enhance each other’s feelings, because good feelings are two-way, women do not blindly ask the man to send gifts to send red envelopes.Come back to this let the wife post moments to return the red envelope, should not feel very magical?Why are the netizens criticizing men do not understand romance, too realistic, should not ridicule women can not see reality?I have a car loan to pay back and I don’t seem to have much money. Why would I send a red envelope to my husband on wechat moments?To tell the truth, as a woman, I see such behavior, I will not understand this woman’s behavior, life is not for others to see, their own comfort is the most important, they do not have conditions and why to gather together that lively?As the saying goes, as long as you marry the right person, every day is Valentine’s Day. A good relationship is to help each other, care for each other and accompany with high quality, which can not be replaced by one or two red envelopes.Hope all people can be more practical, romantic although good, but practical life is the most important.Dear netizens, do you agree with the idea of not giving red envelopes on Valentine’s Day?Leave a discussion in the comments section.