Beijing decoration supervision tip: Beijing decoration electrical renovation installation project general provisions

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Beijing decoration supervision tips: Beijing decoration electrical renovation installation project general provisions?1. This chapter applies to the construction of circuit wiring and installation of electrical equipment behind the household distribution box.2. The main switch of leak-break protector should be set in the indoor distribution box.Leakage action current is 30mA, and has over load, over voltage protection function.Outlet shall control lighting and socket circuits according to functional requirements respectively.Large power appliances (such as air conditioning, water heater, etc.) should be isolated from the distribution box to supply power, and set up appropriate air switch and leakage protector, and choose 15A single-phase socket.3. The construction of circuit piping and wiring shall conform to the provisions of article 13 of GbJ232-82, Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Installation Engineering.4, household appliances use a single socket for inflammatory power plug connection mode.Its maximum plug power: inductive load (such as motor) is 0.25kW;Resistive load (e.g. electric heater) is 2KW.When the socket is not used as a power switch, the power is not in this limit.5, wiring socket should be left fragmentary right phase grounding, wiring should be phase line into the switch, zero line into the lamp holder.Toilet socket should choose splash-proof type.6, weak current system (including telephone, cable TV, intercom, anti-theft alarm, fire alarm and gas alarm, etc.) is strictly prohibited with the distribution system with the same pipe laying, with the cable box (except the middle interval), with the connection box installation.7. Heavy lamps, fans and other heavy equipment are strictly prohibited to be installed on the ceiling keel.Pendant lamp weight more than 3KG must be embedded hook or bolt, cord pendant lamp weight more than 1KG must be added chain, hook with round steel diameter not less than 6mm.8, the grounding of electrical devices should comply with the provisions of gbJ232-82, article 15 of “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Device Installation Engineering”.Beijing decoration owners can interact and consult at any time